Thursday, September 15, 2016

Disney's Saratoga Springs 2-Bedroom Villa Tour

One of the most magical moments of a Walt Disney World vacation is when you're pulling up to one of the resort hotels in your car, you roll down the window to show the security guard your photo id, and he says those two wonderful words:


You may hear this greeting just about anywhere on property, but you'll definitely hear it at the Disney Vacation Club resorts.  So Welcome Home, my friends, because today we're checking into what I always think of as the DVC flagship, SARATOGA SPRINGS, to take a tour of a two bedroom villa!

When taking photos of a Disney resort room, there should always be a mirror selfie involved. Fact. ;)

You can catch a glimpse of the Carriage House (where you check in) in the vlog!  I just love the buildings and the entire atmosphere at Saratoga Springs.

It's elegant yet relaxed and so vacation-y - the gardens everywhere are gorgeous.

As Saratoga Springs is a DVC resort the room categories are going to be a little different from those at standard Disney resorts.  You start with the studio and work your way up through the 1-bedroom villa, the 2-bedroom villa, and the 3-bedroom (or grand!) villa.  I honestly can't imagine what a grand villa would feel like, because just the 2-bedroom villa (what we're looking at today!) feels like a mini apartment - you get so much space!  Seriously, there's a kitchen, dining area, living room, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms (one with a jacuzzi tub!)...


...but let's start at the beginning!  When you first enter your new apartment 2-bedroom villa, there's a small foyer and beyond that the main living area with kitchen on one side, dining table on the other, and living room beyond.  I love the mirrors above the bench at the dining table - I think that helps make the space feel so big!

The kitchen has a dishwasher, stove, oven, full-sized fridge, cute farmhouse style sink...but seriously.  You're on vacation.  If you decide to stroll over to Earl of Sandwich, grab sandwiches, and enjoy them in your room while merely admiring the appliances, I'm totally not judging.

Here's the living room area, complete with witch minnie hat on the table.  I love the birdhouse lamp!  The Disney horses on the pillows are the same ones you see portraits of in the Carriage House.  Also, that couch does fold out into a sofa bed.

Admiring some artwork...the Saratoga theme is in evidence everywhere.

Horseshoe and rider on one of the lamps - just love it!

If you go through the living room area you can enter one of the two bedrooms.

Naturally the bed runners have an equine scene.


Quick pic of the bathroom and closet area.  I call it a closet area because there seem to be closets down the entire length of the little hallway next to the bathroom.  I felt I hadn't brought nearly enough clothes.

The main master bedroom is back off the foyer, and if you want to get a good idea of the layout of this villa, you'll have to watch the vlog or stay in it yourself, it's a little difficult to describe - there are so many doors.


For instance, I think the master bathroom is divided up into at least three mini rooms.  It wouldn't be hard to get lost in here. LOL.

Another view of the master bedroom...those shutters open over the jacuzzi tub.

I love comfy chairs in Disney room with their perfectly selected pillows.  Also note the steamboat painting!

At this point the only part of the villa we haven't looked at is the balcony off the living room!

Look carefully at that railing.  See the hidden Mickey?  Perfection. :)

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  1. Saratoga Springs is one of my favourite places to stay on Disney property. It is like a magical Disney community, complete with swimming pools, restaurants, a gym, a spa, buses & boats and shopping. Not to mention it is just a boat ride away from Disney Springs. Were you staying in a two-bedroom at Disney Saratoga Springs.