Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Rey's Guide to Skellig Michael (aka Star Wars Jedi Island)

When you look to the horizon from certain cliffs of County Kerry, you'll see two peaks jutting up from the sea.  On a stormy day (there are plenty of those in Ireland), they'll constantly be disappearing in the rain and mist, and you'll wonder if you just imagined the sight.

Oh, they're real - and they've obviously been capturing the imagination of humans throughout history.  Over a thousand years ago the first band of intrepid monks grew tired of just looking from the shore and established a remote monastery here which endured for centuries.  So when a new Star Wars film arrived in the world and Luke needed a jedi island to hide on, there's really only one place in the entire galaxy he'd escape to: SKELLIG MICHAEL.

Today's post is a review of our trip to Skellig Michael!  It will be a mix of tips and memories and Star Wars references. ;) As the one and only Poe Dameron said to Finn, "WE'RE GONNA DO THIS."

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Skipper Canteen | Restaurant Review

HELLO!  My name is Emma, and I'll be your skipper, chef, alligator wrestler, smoothie taster, and swimming instructor...you know, if you don't laugh at my jokes...

What's that? You've heard that one before?  Oh no you haven't...

Because we're not just talking about the Jungle Cruise RIDE - today we're talking about the Jungle Cruise RESTAURANT, the Skipper Canteen at the Magic Kingdom!

Everybody on board for a review of world famous jungle cuisine?  Then off we go for a two week cruise...

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Checking In: Back from Europe!

AGH!  Where has the summer been going, guys?  I've been just a little bit busy lately...

...searching for Luke Skywalker, learning to be a jedi, defeating Kylo Ren...you know...the ushe!

June seemed to fly by because I spent two weeks of it adventuring in England & Ireland!  Skellig Michael aka the Jedi Island was one of many incredible stops.

The tongs are my favorite part of this video.  LOL.


A few highlights from Instagram...Kensington Palace, Oxford, Kylemore Abbey...I can't wait to share more...


...especially all the cake and tea!

There were many delicious snacks...

...and some fun bookish finds as well.

Stay tuned for more!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Early Morning Magic at the Magic Kingdom & Pinocchio Village Haus Breakfast

Any early morning spent at the Magic Kingdom park is always going to be pretty magical, but there's a new experience actually called Early Morning Magic that gives you an extra dose of the pixie dust.

Today's new video over on my YouTube channel is all about it!  The two nicest and cutest cast members EVER - Victor and Claire - give us a tour of the breakfast buffet at Pinocchio Village Haus...

Pinocchio Village Haus serves breakfast, you say??  There's a buffet laid out for the Early Morning Magic guests, but you probably won't want to to stop and eat right away...

When you do Early Morning Magic, you check in at the Magic Kingdom turnstiles at 7:30, and at 7:45 you're in the park.  It's like having an early ADR at Crystal Palace or Be Our Guest or Cinderella's Royal Table - you get that lovely empty Main Street to enjoy.  Only with Early Morning Magic, some of the rides are actually running for you...

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Visit with Lady Liberty | NYC Trip Report

I have one last installment to close out the New York City trip report I've been slowly posting!  My cousin Becky and I spent the last few hours of our trip paying a visit to a certain lady...

The Statue of Liberty!

What better way to bid Manhattan adieu than with a trip to Liberty Island?

Monday, May 16, 2016

Disney's Coronado Springs Resort | Room Tour

Of the many Walt Disney World resort room tours I've shared here on A Pinch of Pixie Dust, I don't think we've done one yet for the moderate resort Coronado Springs.

That changes today!

I know I've shared lots of other things I love about Coronado on the blog...like the colors of the resort, or colorful outfits to wear at the resort, or fun details at the Conference Center, or the Christmas decorations...

There's plenty of magic at Coronado Springs...

... like colorful coral corridors that captivate... #alliterationwin

...poolside Mayan temples await...

...you may run into three amigos...

So what are we waiting for?  Let's step inside - we're arrived!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

BEST OF Star Wars Launch Bay | Walt Disney World

Today is MAY the FOURTH, my friends.

May the Fourth Be with You.
(Raise your hand if that makes you want to say "And also with you." or alternately "And with your spirit." #starwarscatholics)

In other words, it's STAR WARS Day so I'll give you one guess what this post is about...

We're talking all things STAR WARS LAUNCH BAY at Walt Disney World in Disney's Hollywood Studios Park.  I am pretty extremely bummed that Star Wars Weekends are gone, but I can't wait for the new Star Wars Land to open, and in the meantime, I have to say...the Launch Bay is a pretty awesome stand-in.


Staring contests with Kylo Ren, hanging with the jawas, sampling some dark side chicken and waffles...

In the words of Poe Dameron, "WE'RE GONNA DO THIS."

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Currently: 05.01.2016

Happy May, everyone!  I hope it's been a lovely spring for you all so far.  It's been awhile since I last did a currently post, so I thought it'd be fun to share some recent favorites...

currently listening to...Brand New by Ben Rector

currently reading...Their Wedding Journey by William Dean Howells. He was friends with Henry James and Mark Twain...nuff said.

currently royal watching...SO much fun stuff from the Royal Family lately...the Duchess of Cambridge's gorgeous wardrobe from her India trip...Prince George meeting the Obamas in his jammies...and now the photos of Princess Charlotte...love.

currently cupcake dreaming...they've got a cupcake ATM coming to Disney Springs. Yes, you read that right.  A cupcake ATM.  How cool will that be?

currently Star Wars dreaming...have you seen the new Rogue One trailer with Felicity Jones Catherine Morland? Can't wait!

currently trip planning...because I'm going to England and Ireland with my cousin Becky this summer!!  We'll be seeing the Taming of the Shrew at the GLOBE, visiting the Lake District, and so much more.  I'm basically absurdly excited.

currently booktubing...there are lots of new bookish videos on my YouTube channel including...

25 Bookish Facts about Me (such a fun tag!)

Classics Haul with Penguin English Library editions and, of course, Jane Austen.

speaking of Jane Austen...

Last month I went to a Jane Austen Day event hosted by JASNA celebrating the novel Emma with scholarly talks and a Jane Austen marketplace. I met up with my friend Kate from booktube - it was so much fun!

still speaking of Jane Austen...there's a new adaptation of one of my favorite and one of the most under-rated Jane Austen works, the short novel Lady Susan, that looks like it's going to be really fun.  For no discernible reason (unless to confuse Jane Austen fans) they renamed it Love and Friendship (which is the name of one of Jane Austen's very early works that is not at all related to Lady Susan). ANYway, here's the trailer.  Fingers crossed it'll be good.

some fun new Disney videos...

I posted an updated version of the "What's in my Disney Bag" video this spring.

Also had so much fun making a "Top 5 Disney Secrets" video with Athos...we're planning to do one for each of the parks!

Other recent pixie dust...

Lunch at Teppan Edo
Epcot Flower & Garden Festival
Visiting Mark Twain's Hannibal
Visiting Louisa May Alcott's Orchard House

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