Tuesday, February 10, 2015

An Aerial Tour of the Magic Kingdom

I've got a whole new perspective on the Magic Kingdom to share today...one from above.

Alas, it's not a helicopter ride over the park, but it's the next best thing!


A few weeks ago I posted about our surprise upgrade to a Tower Club suite at Disney's Contemporary Resort.  The suite had three incredible balconies and a stunning Magic Kingdom view.  My camera (a Canon Powershot SX510 HS) has a 30x zoom, and I had so much fun with it.  I could have sat staring out at the vista all day...

...listening to the cheerful launch whistles and following the wake of the boats as they crisscrossed the Seven Seas Lagoon...

...watching the swarm of buses coming and going, like a hive of busy bees...

...and of course admiring the monorails gliding by below!

Monorail spotting is my new favorite thing - they added so much magic to this view.  Here are two at the TTC - one arriving, one getting ready to leave!

But let's get back to the Magic Kingdom!  When watching a fresh sea of guests pouring out of the monorail station, I wasn't too sorry to be at the resort rather than in the park.  After all, I could see all the Magic Kingdom fun from my seat.

There's the train station through the trees.

A medley of Main Street rooftops with the Crystal Palace rising just beyond.

Splash Mountain was right above the Crystal palace - we could see the log flumes coming down into the Briar Patch!

More Frontierland views with the cliffs of Big Thunder Mountain and steam coming off the river boat...the Liberty Belle must be about to depart for a cruise around the Rivers of America.  You could see a stretch of sidewalk in Liberty Square, and it was so surreal to watch the guests, as small as ants, entering the Hall of Presidents or hurrying to their next Fastpass.

You can see that better in the video!

Shall we look into Tomorrowland next?

There goes the Peoplemover over the Indy Speedway.

Astro Orbiters was closed, and the planets were being cleaned, so it gave Tomorrowland a very different look!

I spy Maurice's Cottage in New Fantasyland!

And there's the Beast's Castle.  I think it looks more impressive from afar than it does up close!

Prince Eric's Castle, surrounded by palm trees.

And, of course, THE castle - Cinderella Castle!

I never noticed the diamond design in the blue before.

So many spires and turrets!

Do you see what's going on down on the castle stage?

We could actually watch the Dream Along with Mickey castle show.  From our room.  Crazy!  Of course the princesses and pirates were very tiny on the faraway stage, but with the camera zoom I could see fairly well!  Look at Prince Charming's cape!

The Magic Kingdom was my favorite vista, but we could see across the Seven Seas Lagoon to the other resorts as well...

All the longhouses along the beach at the Polynesian Village.

Construction was still underway on the bungalows back in August, and in the morning they were quiet, but in the afternoon...

...they were covered in construction workers!

Looking across to the stately Grand Floridian.

All those elegant white railings and red rooftops.

There's the Grand Floridian DVC building!

The inside of the suite was incredible in itself, but that Magic Kingdom view just pushed the pixie dust over the top! :)

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