Saturday, December 27, 2014

Top 7 Walt Disney World Christmas Trees

When Walt Disney World decks the halls for the holidays, they do it up big!

There are so many impressive elements: wreathes, garlands, bows, ornaments, gingerbread displays galore.  But for the most quintessential and stunning festive pixie dust, I think you've got to look at the TREES.

Today I've got a list of the top seven not-to-be-missed evergreens at Disney!


We're starting our Christmas tree quest at the Magic Kingdom!

That unmistakable Main Street and Town Square vista that greets you when you first enter the park is dominated by an enormous, gorgeous tree!

I love the giant popcorn garlands and gingerbread cookie ornaments.

And who knows what you'll find under the tree...maybe a Santa Duffy Bear! ;)

At night, the tree has just enough twinkle to draw your eye further down Main Street to the main attraction - the shimmering, frosted lights on Cinderella Castle!


It's hard to top those castle lights, but the giant Christmas tree at EPCOT is spectacular after dark as well.  The prettiest view is from across World Showcase Lagoon - you can see the lights of Spaceship Earth and the tree reflected in the water!

If you approach from Future World, Mickey and Minnie topiary are pointing the way to the big tree in a grove of tiny trees!

The evergreen looks lovely by daylight too - there are bells, globes, flag ornaments, and signs with "Merry Christmas" written in languages from around the world!

Glowing against a sunset sky - I love the angel on top and the snowflakes below...

With frosty-looking leaves and twinkle lights!


Don't forget to take in the smaller trees in the World Showcase countries as well - love the pickles and teddy bears at the Germany pavilion!


Rising before the entrance of the Animal Kingdom theme park is another magnificent holiday tree...

Masks, baskets, instruments, and animal ornaments adorn these branches.


See if you can spot the Hidden Mickey!

Don't forget to look at the gifts under the tree as well - you'll find your favorite animal friends from classic Disney movies.


To find our next Christmas tree, we haven't far to go.  Just hop a bus from the Animal Kingdom and make your way to Jambo House at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Getting the entire tree in just one shot is always a challenge at Disney World because they tower right up to the ceiling.  Here's the top half...

...and here's the bottom!

For the best view, head up to the fourth or fifth floors of Jambo House to take in this African splendor.  This tree practically scrapes the thatch rafters and shield chandeliers!  The Christmas music soundtrack at the Animal Kingdom Lodge is also just wonderful.


Our next tree is at a different Disney lodge - the Wilderness Lodge!

I always have to stop and sigh when I enter this beautiful lobby - and at Christmastime, it's an even more delighted sigh than usual!


There are so many different beautiful views you can find of this tree - standing beneath it gazing up or catching a glimpse from a distance around one of the log pillars.

Going up is always a good idea when you want to really enjoy a Disney Christmas tree - they're so tall.


This tree is so big they didn't even try to fit it in the lobby - the Contemporary's tannenbaum is out front by the flagpoles.


Some of the coolest Christmas decor at the Contemporary is outside - the tree and the giant Mickey wreath in the Grand Canyon Concourse window.

I love strolling out to take in this shining tree...don't forget to notice the Mickey watchface in the flowers and landscaping!


The Grand Floridian Resort & Spa has a positively extravagant number of Christmas trees.

There seem to be "little" (or rather, normal-sized) trees tucked in every corner - and then in the middle rises the main attraction.

This tree is so big they use birdcages as ornaments.  There are elegant swans, ribbons, and flowers adding to the Victorian charm as well.

The beautiful life-size gingerbread house at the Grand gets a lot of attention, but don't forget to snap a picture by the tree too! :)


The only park left off of this list is Disney's Hollywood Studios, and I have to admit they've got a great tree too - it's out front with plenty of tinsel for Tinsel Town!


I also love the mini trees, festooned with candy canes, on the lamp-post pillars along Hollywood Blvd.

Here's hoping all you lovely readers had a very merry Christmas this year!


  1. My favorite trees are at the Beach Club. Happy New Year!

  2. In pictures, I never liked the Animal Kingdom tree, but I really liked that one the most when I saw it in person! It has such a distinct character. Plus, I love all the Pooh characters at the base!