Saturday, June 14, 2014

BabyLit Board Books: Bookish Post

I have another bookish post and review for y'all this weekend, but we're switching things up...instead of just one grown-up book, I've got three charming children's books to share that would make great baby gifts!

I'll take any excuse to take a stroll around the children's section of a bookstore...everything is so colorful and cute and clever!  And these "BabyLit" classics caught my eye right away...

You have "Little Master Melville," "Little Master Tolstoy," "Little Master Conan Doyle," and a whole host of great literary works re-imagined as baby board books.

Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles, for instance, becomes a sounds primer, with all sorts of noises inspired by Sherlock and Watson's adventures...

The hounds howl and the wheels clatter...the thing I love about this series is how engaging all the drawings are!  Alison Oliver is the illustrator of the series, and Jennifer Adams is the author.

I mean, just look at that cute whale - and the little octopus waving at us!  I'm not sure how Melville would feel about Moby-Dick being turned into an "ocean primer" - hopefully he had a good sense of humor and would enjoy it - I think it's pretty funny. :)

You'll even find a few short quotes from the original work incorporated - "the waves rolled by like scrolls of silver."

THEY HAVE AN ANNA KARENINA FASHION PRIMER.  I know.  It's pretty crazy.  Russian literature doesn't seem like it should have much baby book potential...


But the illustrations are so sweet and lovely - I'm sure the moms reading this board book enjoy the styles just as much or more than the little girls being read to (I know I want that black dress and hat for myself!).  Let's face it, the best baby books are half for the parents and half for the kids anyway. ;)

There do have some Jane Austen titles in this series (I felt like I couldn't conclude the post without mentioning that!) - a Pride and Prejudice "counting primer" as well as a Sense and Sensibility "opposites primer."

Some of my dearest friends from college recently had babies - and as they are avid readers of the classics like myself, I think they'll get a kick out of the BabyLit classics!  As a bookish pretend-auntie I should be encouraging the little ones' literary tastes from the very start, right? ;)

Have you spotted any cute baby books lately?

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