Monday, May 26, 2014

Old Faithful Club Level at the Wilderness Lodge

Put on some western music and get ready to journey into the wilderness, my friends...

Today I am taking you on a tour of the crown jewel of Disney's Wilderness Lodge Resort...the Old Faithful Club Level!


But first, we have to stop and say hello to the buffalo...and maybe give them a kiss. ;)  I love self-parking at the Wilderness Lodge - the building looks stunning from the parking lot, and there are buffalo tracks in the pavement as you head up the steps!

The buffalo topiaries themselves are at the top of the steps outside, opposite the port cochere - and the wildflowers and landscaping around them are always so pretty too!


We bid our bison friends adieu and head into the resort.  That first moment stepping into the Wilderness Lodge lobby is simply thrilling.  That's the only word for it.  And when you're staying in the Old Faithful Club, the whole top floor overlooking the lobby will be your lounge!

You know I had to do a video tour too!

Club level, as you may know, is a special way to stay at the deluxe resort hotels at Walt Disney World.  It does cost more, but it gives you access to a special lounge that has delicious food and drink offerings throughout each day.

The Old Faithful Club is located on the seventh floor of the Wilderness Lodge.  There are two desks/kiosks right next to the elevators where there are concierge cast members available to assist you throughout the day.  A curbside or front desk CM will take you up when you  arrive - you do need to use your key or MagicBand in the elevator.

Quick Note about MagicBands and Club Level: apparently your MagicBand will not work in the elevator until you touch it to your room door.  I'm not sure why or if this is only a Wilderness Lodge thing; but if your room isn't ready when you arrive, you can ask for an elevator key card so that you'll be able to get to and from the lounge floor in the meantime.


Emerge from the elevators and follow the herd of deer and moose on the carpet to your left to the beautiful wrought iron doors with Humphrey the bear, the Old Faithful Club's mascot, standing outside to welcome you!

This is such a pretty food service area - there are moccasins, drums, and tepees scattered about as well as a painting of the club's geyser namesake.  But if you're like me, when you first arrive, you'll only give yourself time to grab a cookie and then you'll be back out to look at this...


The lounge area wraps around the lobby on three sides, so that whole gorgeous space - the Grand Canyon fireplace, the rustic comfy chairs and couches, the tepee chandeliers - it's all spread out beneath you!

Western Chandy Candy.  Too cool.

And staying here at Christmas time?  Takes it to a whole new level. :)

Let's get our bearings: there's the food service room with the doors we were just talking about.  Humphrey and the elevators are down that hall on the left.  All around the wooden beam railings are tables and chairs for sitting and enjoying your club snacks throughout the day...  

The stirring strains of the lobby music and the hoots and hollers from the Whispering Canyon Cafe below float up to you...


On one side there's a children's area with a tv and mini tables and chairs.


There's also a really unique coloring station - I love the pegs for the crayons!


As you continue around the balcony to the other side of the lobby, you'll find more tables and chairs lining the wall and windows.  On one side of you is the lobby, on the other is Silver Creek Falls, the pool, and Bay Lake...

Here's the view looking out of one of those red windows.

...and here's the view looking from the outside back in!

On the other side of the lobby on the seventh floor, opposite the food service area, there are cozy couches and chairs lining the railing instead of dining tables...


It's a little bit of a longer walk with your plate, but this is my favorite part of the lounge.  You're ensconced in your own little world, and the Wilderness Lodge feels all your own.

There are herds of buffalo stampeding along the walls...


...and for company you have the majestic totem pole animals!  The only problem with staying at the Wilderness Lodge is that there are too many comfortable places to sit and savor.  The Old Faithful Club lounge itself is sublime...but it's also super fun to sit down in the lobby or next to one of the many hidden fireplaces or you could walk over to the cozy lobby of the Villas building.  And we haven't even stopped by the room yet...

Most of the club rooms are on the seventh floor.  When we stay at the Old Faithful Club (or really any Disney club level), it's usually for a short one or two nights, and we don't even try to go to the parks.  There's too much relaxing to do at the resort!

Relaxing...and eating!  Shall we take a look at the Old Faithful's food offerings?  The hours of food service at the Wilderness Lodge are the same as the other WDW club levels:

Continental Breakfast: 7:00 AM to 10:30 AM
Refreshments: 11:30 AM to 4:00 PM
Wine and Cheese Selection: 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Cordials and Desserts: 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM

I just love the logs and lanterns and beams and stone in the buffet space!


Let's start out with breakfast.  You have pastries, croissants, mini bagels, fruit, and cereals...


There's oatmeal too, and ohhhhhhhhhh those double chocolate chip muffins.

They're way too delicious.  Just like the ones at the Kilimanjaro Club Level at the Animal Kingdom Lodge!

Water and juices on one side and on the other...

Plenty of coffee options (and look at that cute cuckoo clock!)...


I love club coffee.  You have the fancy keurig machine with steamed milk and plenty of syrups to add or tea or hot chocolate...

These black bears piloted this canoe of sugar packets across the stream just for you!

Definitely a delicious breakfast!


Throughout the afternoon you'll find the usual Disney club level snacks - chips, cookies, goldfish, gummy bears - as well as a fridge full of cold soda and drinks.  If you want a beer or a glass of wine, those come out at dinner time...

Now the black bears are bringing you the bottles - such a fun touch!

You can always count on a fancy crudite platter to be present amongst the club level appetizers - I loved the fresh berries!


The Old Faithful Club always impresses me with its selection.  Every night there are two or three salads - maybe roasted vegetable, antipasto pasta, or sesame chicken...


Then you'll find some kid options - but those turkey and cheese rollups are so good the grown-ups scarf them up too. ;)  I love the presentation of the peanut butter and jelly shooters.  Old Faithful Club Tip: those rolls are amazing.  Put some chicken salad on one and you have an amazing mini sandwich!

A big pot of soup on the burner feels just right for the Wilderness Lodge.  MMMmmmm...butternut squash.

Then you'll find sourdough bread and a few different kinds of dip/topping.  That smoked gouda was delish!


And we haven't even gotten to the hot offerings yet!  They rotate each night - you might find pot stickers, egg rolls, chicken skewers, or even venison sliders with spicy sriracha mayonnaise and coleslaw...

Seriously delicious.


Now I'm also seriously hungry!

It's a good idea to take a stroll around the resort after the appetizers.  Otherwise there's no way you'll be hungry again in time for dessert...

The sweet offerings here haven't impressed me quite as much as the savory ones.  You'll find pretty standard cookies and brownies, maybe a magic bar or a rice crispie treat.


The real star of the Old Faithful dessert scene is the COBBLER.

This one is peach and berry - you wouldn't necessarily think of that as a good cobbler combination, but it was amazing.  It does usually change by night, so you might find apple or some other fruit instead.  The crust is crispy on top, but the layer of custard below makes it fluffy and moist as well...almost like some kind of a bread pudding.  Just scrumptious!

Will you be staying at the Old Faithful Club on your next Disney trip?

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  1. These are always some of my favorite posts along with when you write about them in your TRs. I doubt we'll ever stay club level, but the fact that there's always food just fascinates me! In my eyes, staying there would mean not ever having ADRs booked for dinner, haha.

    What made your family want to stay at club level the first time? Like, what started it? I actually don't think I had ever heard of it beforehand until I learned it from you.

  2. I LOVE the club level. I think the AKL one is my favorite.

  3. Hi there! We are booked to stay at Wilderness Lodge's club level this summer. Squeal!!! We are wanting a room with 1 queen bed and 1 bunk bed. I made that request when I booked the reservation. Do you think there is anything else I can do to get the right kind of room for my family? Thanks for the awesome review!!! :)

  4. If you are in the club level at one resort do you have access to the lounges at other resorts?

  5. No, you only have access to the lounge you're staying at.