Emma in Europe

In 2013 I was fortunate enough to travel through France and England with my brother, who was studying abroad in London.  We had an absolutely incredible time and visited so many interesting places....

Some of our sojourns were Disney-inspired: we used the movie at Epcot, Impressions de France, to plan our time in France.  Those cliffs and those castles?  Yep, we visited those!  It was amazing to see them in person after having seen them in the movie for so many years!

For ease of reading, I thought I'd collect all the Emma-in-Europe trip report updates here in chronological order.  Enjoy!

-------------PARIS, FRANCE-------------

-------------THE LOIRE VALLEY-------------

-------------LA ROCHELLE AND NANTES-------------

More French Adventuring: Travel Highs and Lows
A Pot of Chocolate Mousse in La Rochelle
Looks like Somebody Lost their Cannonball...
In Quest of a Café: the Best Brioche in France

-------------MONT ST MICHEL AND ST MALO-------------

Mont St Michel: Full of Grace and Symmetry
Waking Up to Croissants: Brittany B&B
An Adorable Chocolate Mouse
Palm Trees of St. Malo
How to Have a Lovely Day in St. Malo
Freshly-Made Waffles and a Wall of Nutella

Off to the Cliffs of Etretat!
Stepping into an Epcot Movie


A Full English Breakfast, If You Please!
Portsmouth: Dockyard, Shops, and Costa Coffee

Sense and Sensibility on the Salisbury Close
Salisbury Cathedral

------------A LOVELY STAY IN LYME-------------

Strolling with Jane Austen
Lyme Fish and Chips
A Very Bookish Bed and Breakfast
Window Shopping
One Last Walk on the Cobb
Lyme Regis Transportation: A Blissful Bus Ride

------------TINTERN ABBEY AND WALES-------------

Coffee #1 in Chepstow
The Daffodils at Tintern: Wordsworthian Wanderings
Tintern Abbey and Teatime

Little Lines of Sportive Wood Run Wild
The Bad Hotel Smell and TripAdvisor Advice
Chepstow Castle

------------CHESTER TRAVELS------------

Arrival in Chester
A Snowy Morning, Roman Ruins, and Elevensies
Chester Cathedral
Chester City Walls and Chatwin's Chocolates
Marks and Spencer and More Tea
From Chester to Cambridge

------------CAMBRIDGE COLLEGES------------

Cambridge Arrival and SNOW
St. John's, Trinity, and Heffers Bookshop
Downing College Breakfast, Corpus Christi, and Pembroke

------------LONDON ADVENTURES------------

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  1. Ugh! I was backtracking through your blog to read the trip report about Europe. I was almost through the Mont St Michael part, and THEN I noticed your "Emma in Europe" link. How handy! I should pay more attention.

    While I am here... BTW, thanks for the tweet about Lego Friends Princesses the other day! I don’t know how I completely missed that since I am usually keeping up with Disney news. I have a 9 year old daughter who loves Lego Friends and Disney, so I missed a perfect gift opportunity. Luckily, she had some Christmas money burning a hole in her pocket so she picked out the Cinderella castle set and is playing with it now. It's so cute!

    G. (Elmo888 from Disboards)

  2. Wait, you didn't go to Disneyland Paris?? :D