Monday, September 10, 2018

Pandora Private Tour | Flights of Passage Lab & Bioluminescent Forest

Ever since its debut, Flights of Passage in Pandora at Disney's Animal Kingdom has had some of the longest lines at Walt Disney World. The ride itself is jaw-dropping, and I've been lucky enough to ride it many times. But one part of Flights of Passage that my family hadn't experienced until recently was...the line!

Disney planned ahead with Flights of Passage: they packed the standby queue with amazing details and different areas - a bioluminescent forest, a Pandora Conservation Initiative laboratory - for guests to enjoy while they wait. If you have a Fastpass, you skip all the cool stuff since you're skipping the line.

On our most recent trip, my family was determined to check out the standby line. We rope dropped the park and headed for Flights of Passage, hoping we'd be able to walk through the forest and lab without having to wait hours in it. But it turned out the wait was too short! The wait time said 60 minutes, but it was really about 15-20 (Disney always seems to ridiculously inflate the FoP wait estimate first thing in the morning).

Guests in the standby queue were going straight up the Fastpass hallway so they didn't have to spend a long time winding through empty queues...but of course winding through the queue was exactly what we wanted to do! We asked a cast member if there was anyway we could pull off to the side and wait until the full queue opened so we could walk through. But it turned out to be WAY more amazing than that!

Two other cast members weren't busy and were able to give us a PRIVATE TOUR of the lab and forest. It was absolutely amazing to wander through the space at our leisure, take lots of pictures, take in all the details.

I never realized there's a "flight map" showing all the banshees and avatars in the air - so cool!

Someone in the lab is a fan of lucky cats - they were all over the place! Also, BRB I have to go pick up my team banshee coffee mug.

The forest was gorgeous - like a walkthrough of Navi River Journey! It was definitely our most magical Pandora morning yet. 😊 Just goes to show - it never hurts to ask!

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