Monday, June 25, 2018

Disney's Beach Club Resort Stone Harbor Club Tour

Hop in the car, guys! Today we're checking into Disney's Beach Club Resort. 🐚

I love how elegant and yet relaxed this deluxe resort is! I've got both a room tour AND a club level tour in this post...

We'll start out with the room! Our room overlooked Stormalong Bay...

It was so fun to look across the pool to the Yacht Club and Swolphin beyond, although as I mentioned in the video, the lifeguards would blast the music first thing in the morning, and you could hear it through the walls. 9 am is just a little too early for a dance party. 😆

All Disney World resorts now have these plain white bedspreads, and while I totally get it's easier to clean and more hygienic than the colorful old comforters, it still makes me sad to see beautiful pixie dusted theming going by the wayside. I didn't mind it quite as much at the Beach Club as at other hotels because the fresh white and blue felt like it matched the resort.

The hallway carpets get a thumbs up - I spy a hidden mickey!

Shall we stroll down the hall to the Stone Harbor Club Level? This lounge had a major facelift since the last time we stayed here, and it was so cool to check it out.

There's one room with the serving counters, a kid's tv area, and a few tables - then a second room with another tv, the coffee area, and more tables. While it felt like a lot of space when it was empty, it did fill up pretty quickly at peak meal times.

Not only was the decor different, but there were some changes to the food service as well. In the past club level breakfast offerings have been nice but basically like a continental breakfast - oatmeal, bagels, pastries, cereals, fruit. But now there's a hot item available at breakfast (my favorite was the mini quiche!) as well as meats and cheeses - so you could make a little sandwich on a croissant!  I also loved how they kept any leftover pastries from breakfast and had them available during the afternoon snacks!

If you're not familiar with Disney World club level, all the food and drinks (including coffees, lattes, and alcoholic beverages!) are included in the cost of your club level room. There's a rotating selection out from 7 am to 10 pm - my family has no problem eating chips and cookies for lunch, so it's not difficult for us to make 3 meals a day from the club food. 😉 At the Stone Harbor Club in particular the offerings were impressive and plentiful!

For evening snacks (out from 5 to 7 pm), there were three amazing cold salads, a hot dish for kids (mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, etc - it changes every night) as well as a hot dish for adults (one night it was salmon, one night it was an interesting pork polenta). There were delicious rolls with peanut butter and jelly, caramel and apple slices, a variety of cheese, veggies, plus a little plated cold appetizer like bruschetta. This was the first club level we've experienced where the dinner hour felt almost like a buffet! When we talked to the cast members, they said some of these food format changes are happening at all the club levels, not just the Beach Club.

There was a fruity and slightly carbonated drink called the "Stormalong Bay Breeze" that was so tasty! I love it when the club levels have "exclusive" drinks unique to them.

The desserts were slightly disappointing only because the selection seemed to be identical every night (we were only there two nights, so maybe it was just a fluke, lol!). Usually the desserts and other offering change slightly from day to day.

However, the desserts were still delicious - they had a little chocolate Mickey dome! Also the mini cupcakes with decorate-your-own chocolate swirls and round crunchy sprinkles were delish.

Are you planning a stay at the Beach Club? Post your thoughts on the Stone Harbor Club down in the comments.

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