Sunday, February 11, 2018

Seeing HAMILTON in New York City!

"You could've been anywhere in the world tonight, but you're here with us in NEW YORK CITY."

When I first pulled up the Hamilton soundtrack on YouTube and started listening, I was mesmerized. I had to listen to it all the way through and then listen to it all again and again! Every song is so packed full with story, history, rhythm, and incredible writing - no matter how many times I listen to it I find myself discovering a lyric I never noticed before. My entire family has become enamored with Hamilton, and we'll jump in and start rapping any of the songs to each other on the slightest hint of a reference!


Hamilton is now playing on tour all around the country (and in London!), but there's so much New York in the musical - and the fact that Lin-Manuel Miranda himself tread the boards as Hamilton at the Richard Rogers Theatre...we knew getting tickets to see Hamilton on Broadway would be pretty impossible, but we decided to try anyway! Even now that the original cast has moved on, tickets to the NYC show sell out as soon as they go on sale. They're usually put up in a block of dates - we did some research online and knew the next block would probably go on sale sometime in January...we were ready to pounce. Usually the tickets go on sale at 10 am - somehow we missed the initial announcement, but we were on the website by 10:20 - it kept glitching out as so many people were trying to get seats! In the end we managed to snag the furthest back row. WE HAD THE TICKETS! 🙌 Of course they were for over a year away, but at last, a few weeks ago, the time came...

"History is happening in Manhattan..." 😉 Before our Hamilton matinee we stopped in the American Museum of Natural History to look around the dinosaur wings - my brother Athos is studying to be a paleontologist, so he can't get enough of prehistoric bones. We left in what seemed like plenty of time to drive to our hotel and then get to the theatre, but here's a tip: don't try to drive anywhere around Broadway when the matinees are about to start. 44th street was absolute gridlock as people were waiting to park in the garages to get to their shows. In the end we got out and walked, but luckily we still made it in plenty of time!

"Alexander Hamilton...we are waiting in the wings for you..." We had been a little worried that the new cast wouldn't live up to the old cast we'd listened to on the soundtrack so many times and seen in all the tv specials, but we were blown away. I actually loved how the different performers brought a new interpretation to their characters. It was incredible to see the staging and the lighting and the dancers and all the little touches you can only experience in person!

Of course a New York City trip wouldn't be complete without some amazing eats! After Hamilton we ate at Junior's Restaurant & Bakery on 45th - it was a block or so away from the theatre, and we had to wait 20-30 minutes for a table, but it was AHmazing. The cheesecake was just as good as advertised. The next morning, after Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral, we hit up Amy's Bread - the pastries and bread were as gorgeous as they were delicious.

Hope you guys enjoyed the Hamilton vlogs! ✨

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