Thursday, November 30, 2017

November 2017 Quote Collection

"Go in hope, little is a long road to the feet of the One, but thither do we all travel."

It's time for another round-up of favorite quotations that I've discovered while reading this month! My books took me from India to England to France to dragon country.


"A boy who can dodge over the roofs of Lahore city on a moonlight night, using every little patch and corner of darkness to discomfit his pursuer, is not likely to be checked by a line of well-trained soldiers."

Kim by Rudyard Kipling

(The opening quote also came from Kim! Such a vivid and immersive setting - I loved following Kim's adventures in India and all the different characters, landscapes, and beliefs he encounters along the way)


"I am sure Mrs. Radliffe might have kept her heroine wandering about this house for 6 good pages."

Maria Edgeworth in France & Switzerland: Selections from the Edgeworth Family Letters

(Maria Edgeworth was a contemporary of Jane Austen - I loved her novel Belinda and have been enjoying her travel letters!)


"All the same I have a strong suspicion I'm being managed. I should resent it very much, if I were not full of buttered toast and sentiment - two things which, as you may have noticed tend to go together."

Busman's Honeymoon by Dorothy Sayers

(Lord Peter and Harriet on their honeymoon...with a corpse and a murder mystery thrown in of course! I absolutely love these two and loved getting to read more of their story.)


"A man who has a large and imperial dragon groveling before him may be excused if he feels somewhat uplifted."

Farmer Giles of Ham by J.R.R. Tolkien

"Things might have been different, but they could not have been better."

Leaf by Niggle by J.R.R. Tolkien

(I've been on a Tolkien short story kick this month! I liked Farmer Giles, but Leaf by Niggle was just wonderful.)

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