Friday, October 6, 2017

Oh to Be in England: Travel Vlogs!

One of the things I've really loved about blogging and vlogging over the years is that it's like digital scrapbooking. I try to capture plenty of videos and photos when I'm on vacation and traveling, and it usually takes me awhile to get them all sorted and to actually sit down and edit them - but when I do, I relive the magic of a magical trip, whether it's to Disney World or (as in today's post!) ENGLAND.

I already shared the "snapchat vlogs" from London and Ely, but those weren't the only places we went to during our jaunt to the UK! Windsor and Oxford were also just marvellous - I had been dreaming of visiting Oxford's dreaming spires for a long time, and it was amazing to wander the streets and explore the Bodelian Library...

We had booked a tour at the library in advance - we even got to go inside Radcliffe Camera! Alas, this tour (unlike that amazing tour in Ely that took us up on the cathedral roof) didn't take us on the Radcliffe roof, which is where Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane hang out in Gaudy Night. But I did get to satisfy my literary tastes at the Eagle & Child, where my cousin and I sat in the corner where the Inklings, including C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkein once met.

From Oxford we headed North to Cumbria and the Lake District. This was another England first for me - it was so beautiful! We visited Beatrix Potter's Hill Top Farm, Wordsworth's Dove Cottage, and went on a misty morning hike up Orrest Head.

After the Lake District, Edinburgh was up next - the Scotland snapchat vlogs should be going up on my YouTube channel in a few weeks!

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