Saturday, September 30, 2017

September 2017 Quote Collection

"There's nothing so steadying, when you're in pieces, as reading something fine that you know very well."

A City of Bells by Elizabeth Goudge

I'm back with yet another round of favorite lines from my reading this month! There were lots of good books, and so lots of good quotes. In fact, A City of Bells, has so many amazing thoughts in it I could make up this whole blog post just from its pages....but I'll resist and only give you one more!

"But mind you do think. Don't just take out your feelings and look at them, which is what passes for thought with most of us pitiful, self-centered creatures. Look at the question from everyone's point of view."

A City of Bells by Elizabeth Goudge


"If the ancestors that we carry shut up inside us take turns in dictating to us our actions and our state of mind, undoubtedly Grandmother Stark was empress of Molly's spirits on this Monday."

"Why, he [Shakespeare] makes men talk the way they do in life. I reckon he couldn't get printed to-day."

The Virginian by Owen Wister

(This book was so good it also deserved two quotations! I can't recommend this enough - Western adventure, a great romance, thought-provoking observations - just amazing!)


"I can't help listening to speaking as though it were writing and thus the flowers which she brandished now and again looked terribly artificial."

A Writer's Diary by Virginia Woolf

(Another favorite! Just love these reflections on writing and living.)


"Sometimes a word, a sentence or a poem or a story, is so resonant, so right, it causes su to remember, at least for an instant, what substance we are really made from, and where is our true home."

Women Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

(This book was recommended to me in the comments of one of my youtube videos, and I'm so grateful because it's poetic and practical and refreshing and just incredible!)

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