Monday, September 11, 2017

New Minnie Van Service at Walt Disney World

I've always thought the Walt Disney World monorail was very sleek and stylish, but there's a new mode of transportation on the block that takes vehicle fashion to a whole new level...'s the MINNIE VAN! This just debuted at Walt Disney World this summer and has been rolled out at only a few resorts: the Boardwalk, the Beach & Yacht, and just recently it was extended to the Wilderness Lodge. It sounds like they'll be rolling it out at more resorts soon, but you don't actually have to be a resort guest to use the Minnie Van!

The first thing you'll need to do is get the Lyft app on your phone - you'll book the minnie van through Lyft. We stopped by Bell Services at the Boardwalk, they gave us a code to get our Lyft app connected to the Minnie Van system - then we were able to order one up!

Our driver Chris was so incredibly nice - he was in no rush and let us take a whole bunch of pictures before we set off because he could see we were excited. 😁

Apparently the Minnie Vans were wrapped with their fabulous polka dots at the Test Track facility - they look so sharp! They did just launch two larger ADA-friendly Minnie Vans for guests with disabilities - we noticed one of them out on the road.

The inside of the Minnie Van is pretty much just an ordinary car, although Chris had a USB with Disney music ready to go! I love that - they should totally have a Minnie Van soundtrack. There's also Sirius XM radio to choose from.

A ride in the Minnie Van costs a $20 flat rate - you can go anywhere on Disney World property and take any number of guests. The $20 gets charged right in the Lyft app, and there was no spot in the app to add a tip - in fact it said not to, so I'm guessing the Minnie Van driver is not a tipped position.

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