Thursday, August 31, 2017

August 2017 Quote Collection

"Big ideas in small places is what the garden of the Square du Vert-Galant is all about. Here's what I think: If you ever start to feel as if yours is a measly 2/3 acre life, remember the Square du Vert-Galant. And then nothing about you, your ideas, or your garden will ever feel small again."

Gardens of Awe and Folly by Vivian Swift

It's practically September, my friends. Isn't that kind of crazy? 2017 will be over before we know it! I felt like August got away from me reading-wise, although I have a bunch of books on my September TBR pile I've already been dipping into and enjoying...

"What was the Virginian going to do now? I began to know that the quiet of this man was volcanic."

The Virginian by Owen Wister

(This 1902 Western novel came highly recommended by my mom - already loving it!)


"On every level, along every aisle, regardless of the classification, from A to Z, I am among friends and fellow bookmen, all alive and life-giving for me, regardless of the dates on their catalogue cards faraway upstairs. Chance encounters also occur that lead to friendships with books new to me."

The Little Package by Lawrence Clark Powell

(A chance encounter at a used bookshop brought this book of librarian essays to my hands, and I'm so glad to have discovered it.)


"Sometimes a distant sail, gliding along the edge of the ocean, would be another theme of idle speculation. How interesting this fragment of a world, hastening to rejoin the great mass of existence!"

The Sketch Book by Washington Irving

(Irving can be a bit flowery in his writing, but I'm excited to explore this more.)

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