Tuesday, April 4, 2017

DISNEY SPRINGS: Top 5 New Favorites

In the olden days, I have to admit that Downtown Disney was one of those skippable places at Walt Disney World. Not that we didn't enjoy going there - we had awesome lunches at T Rex Cafe and enjoyed the shopping and of course had to get Earl of Sandwich as often as possible - but when you had to choose between DTD and one of the theme parks or even a resort, it wasn't a difficult decision.

Now things are a different. I have to admit that Disney Springs has left me very impressed and eager to explore more.  I love the new stores, the new walkways and town center are beautiful (have you guys been in the new guest relations? it's so nice you want to sit and stay awhile!), and the new food stops are super tasty. So without further adieu, here are my top 5 new favorites at Disney Springs so far...


This was our very first taste of the new Disney Springs - in fact we could see construction going on out the window! I loved the swanky decor, and I loved the food. Not sure when we'll be back, as it is on the pricey side, but it was so much fun to experience!


I always adore browsing at basically any Anthropologie store anywhere in the world - they have such eclectic clothes, and everything from the products to the displays is so pretty! - but take my favorite store and put it inside DISNEY WORLD, and it's just the best shopping ever.


This little hot dog window at the end of the new Marketplace bridge may not look like much, but it was SO tasty! We split the "3 Little Pigs Trio" three ways - it comes with a mini reuben hot dog, mini chili cheese hot dog (topped with fritos!), and mini black bean salsa hot dog. I had the black bean salsa dog and it was amazing - now I need to go back to try the other two!


When Rogue One was coming out, Columbia jackets announced they were coming out with authentic replica jackets - I fell in love with the Jyn Erso jacket on sight, but I didn't want to get it without trying it on so I didn't want to buy it online, and soon it looked like it was sold out. When we passed the Columbia store in Disney Springs in January, I thought I might as well pop in and look.  Turns out they'd had the last Rogue One jackets in the country shipped to their store (because where better to buy rebellion issue attire than Disney?). I put on a Jyn Erso jacket and couldn't bear to take it off. I'm so glad I got it, plus the purchase is such a fun memory!


I had a tough time deciding who to give this fifth slot to: Amorette's or the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM. Fun as the cupcake atm was (you can see it in the Jyn Erso video!), I have to admit the cupcake itself was very dry and not all I'd hoped. Amorette's on the other hand is drop-dead gorgeous and delicious. And also, sadly expensive. But it's a pretty special treat - and just walking in the door feels like a trip to Paris!

What's your favorite or what are you looking forward to trying at Disney Springs?

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