Monday, March 6, 2017

Disney's Wilderness Lodge: New Old Faithful Club & Copper Creek Cabins/DVC Construction

In case you haven't heard, there have been some changes happening at Disney's Wilderness Lodge Resort these days!

The Disney Vacation Club side of the resort is getting an upgrade with a new pool, and it's been renamed the Boulder Ridge Villas. DVC seems to be invading the main building now too with the Copper Creek Villas - the south wing (as you'll see in the photos and videos to come!) is completely closed for refurbishment.

But we're not here to talk about DVC - we're here to talk DISNEY CLUB LEVEL. The Old Faithful Club has new headquarters - the lounge has moved from the south side of the 7th floor to the north side (for photos of the old set-up click here!).  We recently stayed club at the Lodge and were interested to see the construction and the new lounge lay-out. I'm happy to say that in spite of the changes, the club experience was as magical as ever...

...there were macarons. Have I mentioned that yet? And the almost-a-castle view room that we've had in years past is now DEFINITELY a castle view as the trees have been cut back. We also had a pretty fabulous view of the adorable new Copper Creek Cabins being built!

It's hard to describe the new set-up of the club lounge, so to get the best idea you should definitely watch the video!  You'll also get to watch wishes from our balcony, which was gorgeous!

The new lounge is very similar to the old - you still have those gorgeous iron doors.

Humphrey is here to greet you!

The food area still has a pretty vaulted log ceiling.

Here's a look at some of the new couches and kids' area - there are also two balconies you can step out on to watch Wishes from (there's not much of a castle view from there though).

Some of the snacks have gotten an update - loved the swanky cheese spread!


And the cute mason jar presentation!

Glasses chilling in the fridge - I didn't get a photo of it, but there's now a "kegerator" with beer on tap.

It was a little eeire to have so much of the lobby shut off, and it was a bummer not to have access to the entire 7th floor as you used to. The cast members didn't seem sure what would happen on the south side of the 7th floor when the construction is done. I'm not sure why DVC needed to eat up half of the main building when it already had plenty of space of its own, but hopefully they'll at least give back some of that 7th floor to the Old Faithful Club.

Looking out over the lobby - we ended up using the stairs on this side of the lobby a lot, because the main elevators were closed. Guests were using the elevators by Roaring Forks instead.

You had to walk further to get to the lounge, but I didn't mind. I love this section of the hallway, with those wooden blinds - especially when the evening sun comes slanting in!

Maybe to make up for the construction, there seemed to be plenty of extra nice touches, like bigger toiletries than you usually find. There was also a lovely chocolate gift from the Ganachery and a little set of free trading pins with Mickey and friends in hard hats.  The cast members were also just incredible, so friendly, so helpful, really going above and beyond.

I spent most of the stay on our balcony - I loved watching the monorails go by and admiring that castle!

It was also super fun to see the Copper Creek Cabins going up. They look really cute and perfectly in theme with the Lodge - I love the different colors, and the location is perfect. They brighten up the boat ride and monorail ride from the Magic Kingdom!

Wishes and dessert (those macaroons were so good!) - a perfect end to a lovely stay. :)


  1. It always scares me when they makes changes to the Resorts, cough hate the new lobby at the Poly, but it looks great!

    BTW, omg I love your green dress with the pocket. Where did you get that?

  2. Thank you for this post! I have been searching for new information on club level and was so happy to find your pictures. I really enjoy reading all your reviews of the different club levels. We have been able to try Animal Kingdom and the Contemporary - hoping to add Wilderness Lodge to our list! Thank you! Terri

  3. Did you get any ideas about when all of the construction would be done at Wilderness Lodge?