Thursday, February 9, 2017

My Bullet Journal Set-Up 2017

I'm doing it, guys. I'm jumping onto the BULLET JOURNAL bandwagon!

Have you heard of bullet journaling?  It's a planner system for staying organized and keeping all your lists in one place, but you can customize it in about a thousand and one ways. Seeing all the creative ways different people online have been using their bullet journals (some of them are works or art or scrapbooks!) got me inspired to give it a try.

Here's a look at some of my first spreads...

Beginning with the Index! I put my key here as well - I really love the dot/x/arrow system for keeping track of your progress on different tasks.

These pages might be my favorites so far! I wanted to keep track of my snail mail correspondence, so I did a letter log. :)

Obviously there had to be a reading log in there too! In one month I've already filled all the titles on the first shelf, so I'm betting I'll end up doing another "bookcase" on the second page!

My January monthly spread, which I'm using so far to keep track of my video and blog schedule.

A look at a January weekly/10-day spread - as you can see I didn't use all the days since we were at Disney for part of it!

I hadn't made this spread when I filmed the video, so here's a sneak peek at my February monthly spread!

Are you a fan of bullet journaling? What's your favorite way to stay organized?

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