Monday, February 6, 2017

Epcot's NEW Festival of the Arts 2017

At this rate, Epcot is going to become the land of the never-ending Festival - but really, I'm not complaining.

Because the brand new Festival of the Arts running extended weekends (Friday-Monday) January 13 - February 20 is full of fabulous things - entertainment, exhibits, fun photopass ops, and food - of course!

Let's be honest: whether they've got art or flowers or gardens, really they're all food and wine festivals. 😉

Today we're going to be chatting about all the fun at Epcot's Inaugural (that makes it sound like it's coming back next year right?) FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS.

Master of Imagination Figment seems to be the mascot of the Festival - his topiary is out behind Spaceship Earth, and he's on all the merchandise!

The Fountain View Stage in Future World is home to a variety of festival entertainment, but my favorites were the living statues!


The statue pointed at me when I walked up, so I thought I must be a pretty bit deal...but then he seemed to change his mind. 😂

Make sure you watch the video to see some of his other antics!

As you stroll around World Showcase you'll pass plenty of booths with art for sale.  My favorite paintings though were the ones out behind the characters - it looks like Belle's father invented this easel!

The Odyssey Festival Showplace is set up for different seminars and workshops.  We didn't take part in any, but we did stop in to grab some eats from The Painter's Palate and to check out the Mary Blair and Herbert Ryman galleries.

Adding a finishing brushstroke to my own pop't art which was a sugar cookie with chocolate hazelnut filling - very sugary.


We also gave the trio of savory croissant donut sandwiches a try.  No one in our group wanted the spicy tuna donut sandwich (although the Sriracha mayonnaise on it sounded intriguing), and the cast member graciously put in a special order so we got two of the chicken mousse and one of the whipped herb cream cheese.  Somehow these look bigger in the photos, but in person they were very tiny and unfortunately quite greasy.  I definitely would have enjoyed it more with less grease.

The best eats came from the Decadent Delights booth. How pretty is that deconstructed purple sweet potato pie? It was very pumpkiny, but I loved the marshmellow whipped cream.

We also tried the dark chocolate s'mores (very nice, but could've done with a little more chocolate), and the artist palette jumbo chocolate chip cookie which ended up being the star of the show. So cute, so huge, and so delicious!


Near the Decadent Delights booth is the interactive mural - it's a paint-by-number, and you can get a tiny cup of paint and a brush and help create the picture!


The new photopass set-ups were some of the biggest highlights of the festival.  They had giant paintings that you could jump in and be a part of - Monet's garden party in between France and England, Washington Crossing the Delaware in front of the American Adventure...


...and an art gallery with "The Scream" and Mona Lisa in between Germany and Italy!  These always had a line, but they moved quite quickly, and it's actually really fun watching the parties in front of you get into character and into the painting.  The photopass photographers were incredible, suggesting different poses, taking lots of shots.  They really made the experience!

Have you been to Epcot for the newest festival?  What do you think of #ArtfulEpcot?

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