Monday, December 12, 2016

Top 20 Disney World Secrets

I know I've said it before, but when people ask me why I love Disney World so much, the answer is always: it's in the little things.

Disney magic is in the details - I love the fact that everything you walk by in the parks and at the resorts has so much thought put into it.  Nothing is accidental.  Half the time you can't even take it all in.  There are Disney Secrets hidden in plain sight all around you.

My brother Athos and I have been doing a new video series on my YouTube channel, sitting down talk-show style to boil down our top 5 favorite secrets at each park.  From pro tips to hidden details, dinosaurs, throwbacks, pixie dust, princesses, and plenty of hilarity!

I've shared a lot of Disney tips here on the blog and in my videos over the years...if you've ever wondered what my very top tips are, just watch below...

We start things off - where else? - at the Magic Kingdom!

Epcot secrets with a special performance of "Celebrate the Future...hand in hand..."

Pulling out the shades for some Hollywood Studios secrets and Star Wars favorites.

Finally, a mix of secrets and SCIENCE from the Animal Kingdom!

Let use know YOUR favorite Disney secrets down in the comments. :)

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