Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Favorite Videos from 2016

When taking a look at my YouTube analytics the other day, I discovered that my channel just recently reached a cumulative 1 million views - say what! 😄 Looking back over the BookishPrincess videos from 2016, I was reminiscing about some of my favorite uploads...

I finally got around to making an "intro" for my Disney videos this year...and in the process ended up with a whole compilation of clips from trips to Disneyland, Disney World, and aboard the Disney Cruise!

It's so hard to pick a favorite Disney upload because there were so many!  From reliving princess lunch at Akershus, a fabulous cast member tour of the Early Morning Magic breakfast at the Magic Kingdom, sharing Epcot's Flower & Garden Festival from my perspective and Athos's perspective, weathering Hurricane Matthew at the Contemporary.

To celebrate Walt's birthday I had an upload from Marceline, Missouri, Walt's boyhood hometown. Athos and I recreated the Magic Kingdom Welcome Show in his honor. It was pretty hilarious.

In our 2016 bookish travels we journeyed to Orchard House in Massachusetts which was SO magical and inspiring for this Louisa May Alcott fan! We stayed at a charming hotel, the Inn at Hastings, and visited some revolutionary war sites as well.

Possibly my favorite video OF ALL from 2016 was Star Wars IRL - exploring on Skellig Michael the "jedi island" in Ireland.  There were so many other memorable moments from the Europe trip, Wordsworthian wanderings, British bookshops - and I still have many videos to share, stay tuned for those in 2017!

Raise your hand if you jumped on the POKEMON GO bandwagon this year. I know my family did. 😉

This was the first full year when I regularly made videos about books (there's a new one every Thursday!). Of course that meant plenty of Jane Austen, including a bookshelf tour and quote collection. I also made my first original tag, sharing five "Never Before Seen on Booktube" books that deserve some more internet hype!

Whether you're a new follower or an old friend, thank you all so much for reading and watching along this year! Here's sending you best wishes for a wonderful 2017. 💕


  1. My husband and I discovered your blog and vlog this year. And we've enjoyed every post and video you've shared. Thank you for all you do; I know it's a lot of work. See you in 2017. Happy New Year!

    1. That's so lovely to hear - thanks for following along! Happy New Year! :)