Monday, November 21, 2016

Walt Disney World Fashion Diary: Fall 2016

I'm going to fill you guys in on our fall trip to WDW last month with a new Disney Fashion Diary!  It was super fun to put together a spring fashion diary from our March trip earlier this year, so here's a rundown of what I wore in October...

-----DAY ONE-----

Many of our Disney trips seem start out at the Magic Kingdom...because when you've just arrived, you can't wait to see that castle!!


Since the spooky season was in full swing, I wore an autumnal colored skirt I found at the Polo Ralph Lauren outlet along with a black boatneck shirt.  The bright orangey-pink shoes are Crocs!


From visiting princesses to heading into uncharted territories!  Aurora and Cinderella both admired my skirt and agreed to set me up with their fairy and mouse seamstresses. ;)

-----DAY TWO-----

Our plans for day 2 were rather derailed by Hurricane Matthew!  Head over to the blog post to read the whole story - basically the parks were closed, so we had a fun time hanging out at the Contemporary.  I got a brand new pair of sparkly Minnie Ears, which I thought toned well with the black and white stripes (shirt was from NY&Co.) and blue skirt (from the Brooks Bros. outlet...outlets are going to be a theme here guys, lol).  The shoes are once again Crocs flats!

-----DAY THREE-----


I wore stripes again when we headed to the Garden Grill for brunch with Mickey and friends on day 3!

This was a Kate Spade outlet score and soooo pretty!  Plus it has pockets.  Win.


For the first time in...well...ever! We rode Frozen Ever After, and though Maelstrom will always have my heart, I have to admit I hugely enjoyed it.

-----DAY FOUR-----

Just looking at these photos makes me want to get back to the Animal Kingdom Lodge SO BAD.  Whenever I'm there I just don't want to leave...


My dress for Jambo House was an Anthropologie find!


That skirt tho's basically got zebra stripes. ;)

-----DAY FIVE-----

On our Not-So-Scary Party day we checked in at the Grand Floridian!  I thought this Kate Spade dress was just perfect for the Royal Palm Club. :)

You may recall seeing this dress in the spring fashion diary post...but I actually hadn't bought it yet!  It was in the outlets then, but it was still too expensive.  We went outlet shopping again on Labor Day, and I found the floral Kate Spade dress and the blue striped Kate Spade dress for 80% off!!!  You can't beat that.

Have you guys seen the new giant chess set at the Grand? LOVE.

Our day at the Grand also included some spit spot Mary Poppins & Bert fashions as you may have already seen from the MNSSHP post!

-----DAY SIX-----


I brought the blue skirt out again on the last day of our trip - this time pairing it with a Star Wars shirt and fabulous L.K. Bennett scarf.

For lunch we headed over to Disney Springs: a whole new woooooorld!  Seriously, I have to get my video from Disney Springs up soon.  It was incredible to see all the new spaces!!

...and that's a wrap on my fall #disneystyle. :)  Let me know what your favorite ensembles to wear to Disney are down in the comments!

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