Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Rey's Guide to Skellig Michael (aka Star Wars Jedi Island)

When you look to the horizon from certain cliffs of County Kerry, you'll see two peaks jutting up from the sea.  On a stormy day (there are plenty of those in Ireland), they'll constantly be disappearing in the rain and mist, and you'll wonder if you just imagined the sight.

Oh, they're real - and they've obviously been capturing the imagination of humans throughout history.  Over a thousand years ago the first band of intrepid monks grew tired of just looking from the shore and established a remote monastery here which endured for centuries.  So when a new Star Wars film arrived in the world and Luke needed a jedi island to hide on, there's really only one place in the entire galaxy he'd escape to: SKELLIG MICHAEL.

Today's post is a review of our trip to Skellig Michael!  It will be a mix of tips and memories and Star Wars references. ;) As the one and only Poe Dameron said to Finn, "WE'RE GONNA DO THIS."