Monday, May 16, 2016

Disney's Coronado Springs Resort | Room Tour

Of the many Walt Disney World resort room tours I've shared here on A Pinch of Pixie Dust, I don't think we've done one yet for the moderate resort Coronado Springs.

That changes today!

I know I've shared lots of other things I love about Coronado on the the colors of the resort, or colorful outfits to wear at the resort, or fun details at the Conference Center, or the Christmas decorations...

There's plenty of magic at Coronado Springs...

... like colorful coral corridors that captivate... #alliterationwin

...poolside Mayan temples await... may run into three amigos...

So what are we waiting for?  Let's step inside - we're arrived!

Before we get to the room itself, we have to pass through the lobby - how beautiful are the murals behind the check-in desks?

I love to take photos and hang around the reception area because it's just gorgeous!

Those giant windows framed by tropical plants at the end of the hall?  Perfection!

...and then you step outside into a profusion of palm trees, which you know I'm a fan of. ;)

Our room today is in the Cabanas section.  One drawback of Coronado Springs is its size - it is HUGE.  Expect a longish walk from your building back to El Centro where to food court, check-in, and shop are located.  Each section does have its own bus stop.  The Cabanas aren't too far from El Centro - from the outside they're laid-back and beachy - and in fact the beaches with the hammocks are steps away!

Be still my heart.  The other two sections are the Casitas (uber colorful with beautiful courtyards and fountains - also not too far from El Centro) and the Ranchos (feels like a desert ranch with rocky outcroppings scattered about - across the lake from El Centro but nearer the Dig Site pool area).

Going up to our room...huge fronds just outside our door!

Coronado Springs had had a refresh since we last stayed, and like most Disney re-designs these days, the style seems to have swung from colorful and creative to more corporate.  I do still like it though - the pops of bright turquoise...and at least the runner still has some hidden mickeys!

Artsy shot!

The curtains make up for the stark white bedspreads - love the deep shades of orange and red and navy and aqua in the stripes!

As I have oft mentioned before, when booking a room at a moderate resort, request a corner room!  You get TWO windows instead of one and it just makes the room feel more spacious.


Another view out the window and a look in/at the mirror!

The bathroom area is basic but adequate in the style of all moderate resorts.  As you may have already noticed from the thumbnail at the start of this post, the dark doors that can be closed to separate it from the rest of the space are perfect for a dramatic entrance. :)

One more shot of the inside of the room.  I have to say, though, most of my favorite Coronado Springs spaces are outside...

I love the bridge across the lagoon - especially when the lights are lit at dusk!

Disney landscaping never fails to make me wish I knew more about plants.  There are SO many different types of flowers and foliage here.

When the evening arrives, it's pure magic, with the buildings lit and the palm trees silhouetted against a dramatic sky, and the sunset shimmering in Lago Dorado.  Yes.  That's the name of the lake - I love how everything has a name at Walt Disney World. :)

Have you stayed at Coronado Springs? Share your experience in the comments.

Don't forget to check out the video tour too!

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