Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Visit with Lady Liberty | NYC Trip Report

I have one last installment to close out the New York City trip report I've been slowly posting!  My cousin Becky and I spent the last few hours of our trip paying a visit to a certain lady...

The Statue of Liberty!

What better way to bid Manhattan adieu than with a trip to Liberty Island?

When last we left off we had just been to Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral and made a quick cupcake stop at Grand Central Station.


To get down to the South side of the Island to catch the ferry we headed down into the subway...

Subway selfie!

We decided to get off at Cortland Street so we could walk by the new One World Trade Tower (still under construction then!) and stop at the September 11 memorial.

Looking up and up and up!

Paying our respects.  It was very quiet and peaceful at the memorial.

It was only a few blocks down to Battery Park so we decided to walk...

...and if we passed a patisserie, you know there was time to stop in... ;)

Cafe au lait...mmmm!

I think we're headed in the right direction...

Battery Park was under construction in October 2014 - inside Castle Clinton there were different chairs you could vote on as the new chairs they were going to install in the park.

Heading into Castle Clinton to pick up our tickets...

Built in 1811 as one of the forts defending New York Harbor!

We had bought our tickets online beforehand and just had to pick them up - I believe they had already sold out of tickets to get into the statue or go up to the upper levels, so we just had a ferry ticket to Liberty Island so we could stroll around and take photos.

Snapping a photo while waiting in the looooong security line to get onto the ferry.

It was a windy ride once we were on board but a beautiful look at the skyscrapers!

A quick glimpse of Brooklyn Bridge!

Passing by Ellis Island...

...there she is!

Keeping watch over Manhattan.

Torch door handles leading into the cafe and gift shop!

Those pastries hadn't done much to tide us over - we were starving!  Luckily the lunch line wasn't too insanely long, although they obviously had queues in place to be ready for a crush.

The onion rings were huge and delicious...

Strolling around the island to see the Statue of Liberty from all sides.

A cruise ship passing by!

I loved looking back at Manhattan across the water, thinking of all the hustle and bustle and activity.

We walked around the front of the statue, which felt like a selfie factory.  You could barely walk uninterrupted on the sidewalks because everybody had paused to take not just a photo but a selfie.  Don't get me wrong, I love a good selfie, but somehow the sea of selfies was very off-putting.  I took a photo or two and spent the rest of the time looking with my eyes and not my iPhone.

The Empire State Building - just yesterday we had been over there!

One last sunset silhouette as our ferry left the island.

Thanks for following along with our NYC adventures, everyone!  If you want to catch up on any of the previous chapters, you can find the index of NYC posts here.

It's a good thing I've finally finished this trip report, because in just a few weeks Becky and I will be off to ENGLAND for an amazing trip I can't wait to share.  Make sure you're following me on Twitter and Instagram and Snapchat (emmapixiedust) for live updates from that. :)

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  1. I hope to one day have the opportunity to travel! I love being being home, and packing for trips gives me anxiety but I still hope to travel. I hope you have a wonderful time in England and I can't wait to see pictures and vlogs!