Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Walt Disney World Fashion Diary: Spring 2016

Today's blog post is going to be a Walt Disney World Fashion Diary - a mini trip report of our adventures last month told through outfits!

If you follow me on snapchat (emmapixiedust) then you'll already have had a taste of the ensembles and highlights, but I thought I'd put them all together here...

---DAY ONE---


Our first trip day was just a travel day, as our flight was later in the afternoon.  I stuck with Mickey Mouse colors - red and black! Before the day ended and after our flight landed in Orlando, we did have time to stop at Freddy's Steakburgers for dinner (YUM!) and to swing by the Outlets, where I almost added a new Kate Spade dress to my Disney wardrobe. Is it just me or are outlet prices really not that less expensive than normal prices?

---DAY TWO---

On day two, we ARRIVED! We had an early breakfast reservation at Be Our Guest so we got to come in before the crowds and walk down an empty Main Street, which is just the best way to start at Magic Kingdom day.

The other day I was idly looking at my blog's analytics, and apparently someone got here by googling, "Are dresses good for Disney?"  My answer would be a resounding YES!  This dress was a ModCloth find with Minnie Mouse polka dots. :)

THAT CASTLE. It never gets old.

I think what I was starting to say was, "Oh my goodness, here they come." We had lingered to take photos, and when we got to the castle we could see allllll the rope drop crowds, a solid sea of parkgoers, coming down Main Street.

I brought along a book (Persuasion by Jane Austen!) because we were dining at the Beast's Castle, and I thought Belle would approve.


After breakfast we hit the rides and hung out with Rapunzel and Tinkerbell.

Took a trip to the jungle and survived snakes and crocodiles and whizzing spears.  You know, NBD.

After all that running around the kingdom, lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern with an Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake was just the ticket!


This was supposed to be our Epcot day, so I had picked out a pretty floral blouse I found at L.L. Bean to match the blooms at the Flower & Garden Festival.  But there was a Kylo Ren fan (my brother Dart) who just couldn't wait any longer...

...ok, I was a little excited too. ;)

Who talks first - I talk first, you talk first?  The Launch Bay was pretty epic, and we decided we had time for a quick spin through Andy's Room...

...new high score!  Then it was time for the flowers and the gardens. :)


While I enjoyed the topiaries as always (this was also the day we did the egg hunt!), it was getting pretty hot and crowded.  There are also so many food booths at F&G now, it feels like they've taken over.  People would be standing in front of the flowers eating - blocking the displays but not even paying any attention to them so if you did want to look or take a picture, you were out of luck.

I did still enjoy the floating flowers, and I did sample a few of the food things, including a tiki torch...more on that to come!  Another Flower & Garden thing I liked was the new Dooney & Bourke design!

SO pretty. :)

There was a lone penguin by the International Gateway, so I had to stop for a dapper pic.

A very spiffy selfie!

---DAY FOUR---

Next up was a GRAND FLORIDIAN kind-of day.  We were staying one night in the Royal Palm Club!  I wore a navy dress by American Living I found at Macy's.

Excuse me while I make a Grand entrance. ;)

All the pink flowers made the Grand even prettier than usual, both outside...

...and in!  Love the enormous windows in the second-floor corner shop at the Grand.

I also love browsing in Summer Lace downstairs - check out the spooky Haunted Mansion Dooney & Bourke!

More blooms - the flowers at the Grand Floridian are always fresh and real.  Excuse the photobombing Athos!


A one-night stay at the Royal Palm Club means two days of cappuccinos!

---DAY FIVE---

We spent most of the morning just enjoying the lounge and the room and the resort...

...but later in the afternoon we did jaunt over to the Magic Kingdom!

This outfit was a yellow blouse from New York & Company with a springtime sort-of skirt with blue blooms and pockets from Brooks Brothers.

A perfect stylish ensemble for leading the way at the Indy 500!

Lunch was at the new Skipper Canteen. I tried a Schweitzer Slush, named after the famous humanitarian Dr. Albert...Slush. Our waiter was full of puns and wisecracks.

Here's a photo of the KUNGALOOSH! which was delicious.

---DAY SIX---

We stayed at the Polynesian Village for one night on this trip as well!

I had found a very bright and tropical Lily Pulitzer shirt at Summer Lace that was on sale and couldn't resist!

Most of that day was spent at the Poly, but I did go over to the Magic Kingdom just for one more look at the castle...

...made some calls to spread some Main Street gossip...

...and a quick citrus swirl!


TODAY was our real Hollywood Studios day, so we got to explore the Launch Bay even more.  I channeled the dark side with an Imperial dress from Think Geek!

They've got Rey's speeder and BB-8!

Breaking into the First Order base - we were the first to meet Kylo Ren!  Both Launch Bay days we headed straight to Kylo so got to see him with no wait.  By the time we were out, the wait for both Kylo Ren and Chewie was around 20-30 minutes, and it didn't seem to get much shorter.

"You...you're afraid...that you'll never be as powerful as Darth Vader!"

We hung out with some Jawas (it looks like you can trade with them as you could at Star Wars Weekends!).

Chewbacca-sized hugs!

After our morning in a galaxy far, far away, we headed back to the Polynesian where I changed outfits.  The dark side can only get you so far, you know?  This coral striped shirt was from L.L.Bean.  The khaki skirt is from Kohl's, and I've had it for ages.  I only brought two pairs of shoes with me - a pair of boating-style Crocs and some pink striped Sperries.

Can someone PLEASE tell me why they still haven't brought the hammocks back to the Polynesian beach?  It made sense while the DVC construction was underway, but now it's just mean.  Porch swings are not an acceptable substitute.

For dinner that evening we went to Morimoto Asia in Disney Springs - it was so interesting to see how everything is changing with the new construction going up!

Chicken egg rolls...so good!


This was the last day - there was really only time for breakfast before I caught my flight.

My outfit was an embroidered black top from Talbots (I love how the stitching design go straight down the seams on the sides!) and some white shorts.

Simba waffles AND Mickey waffles.

Breakfast at BOMA was lovely!  Although I do prefer dinner mainly because of the desserts. ;)

We could SEE the chefs making the zebra domes but there weren't any out on the buffet, which was such a tease.

Goodbye giraffes, I'll see you next time!

Always touch the door for luck - it means you'll be back. :)


  1. Love how you theme all your outfits! Looks like you and your family had a blast! Can't wait to see some updated room tour videos :)

  2. i love how well each outfit compliments each location!

  3. Gah! I wish I could go on a Disney adventure. I've never been, but it looks like so much fun! All of your outfits were so pretty and you looked comfy. Great pictures!

  4. Love the Flower & Garden Dooney. So pretty. Love the flamingo Lilly top as well! Great outfits for touring. You looked adorable and comfy!