Tuesday, April 12, 2016

TEPPAN EDO Lunch Review (with the Onion Volcano!)

We're popping over to Epcot for lunch today, my friends...

lol, just popping over...wouldn't it be fun if a Disney trip was that simple? No long walk from the parking lot, no waiting for the monorail (although of course I do love the monorail...). Today's blog post is without the hassle, anyhow!

We're sampling lunch at Epcot's hibachi restaurant, TEPPAN EDO.

We ate here last year for the first time ever!  You check in at the desk at the bottom of the big flight of brown steps then head on up - Teppan Edo is on the floor above the big Mitsukoshi department store.

I used to get the Mitsukoshi restaurants confused - which was Tokyo Dining and which was Teppan Edo - they both have the same entrance!  When you first come in through the doors, Tokyo Dining is before you.  This is a sushi bar and table service restaurant (I love the views out the windows of World Showcase Lagoon!).  Teppan Edo is to your left...

Your hostess leads you down another long corridor.  Be prepared to pause and bow and greet any other cast members you meet en route to the table!

The dining rooms are off the corridor - each one has several grills.  Our room was at the very end of the hallway.  The walls were covered with a beautiful mural - our room told a story of women in the palace, while the adjacent room told a story about the men.

Chopsticks at the ready.  They do also provide you with a fork...thank goodness!  There are eight seats at each grill, so unless you have a large party, you'll probably end up seated with another group.


Perusing the menu! The 'ichigo freeze' sounded too refreshing to pass up...


...they looked gorgeous too!  These were strawberry on the left and orange & pineapple on the right.

Soon our chef arrived at the table with his cart of ingredients, ready to get to work!  The show starts with the vegetables.  As he's seasoning and oiling the ingredients he beats a rhythm with the spatulas and salt shakers.  You can see more of it in the video:

Next comes the famous ONION VOLCANO!

I've read about this in so many trip reports, it was fun to see for ourselves!

The chef may also turn it into a choo choo train!

I had the yasai meal which had the seasonal vegetables and noodles.  It was a generous helping, so come hungry!

Athos had the tempura kids meal, which came from the kitchen.  Alas, there's no fryer at the table! Behind his basket you can see some of the three sauces which were at each persons plate - mustard sauce, ginger sauce, and white sauce - yum yum!

My meal came with sukiyaki beef rice which was SO GOOD.

If you ordered fish or meat, it'll be grilled up before your eyes.

We watching the 'quivering' scallops being prepared.

Teppan Edo is fairly pricey so I'm not sure we'll be back anytime soon, but it was a very tasty lunch and so fun to try when we've walked by it so many times!

Have you been to Teppan Edo? Share your favorite Epcot restaurant in the comments!

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  1. I'm sharing this post with my family members- we're going on a big family trip this summer, and we're all going to Teppan Edo for the first time! It looks great. Thanks for the review!