Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sunday Morning in New York | NYC Trip Report

I've reached the final day of my New York City trip report!  We were leaving later that afternoon, but there was time for a few more adventures first...

It was a Sunday morning, and we were off to mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral!

I love seeing these two spires rising up amidst the skyscrapers!


There was quite a lot of scaffolding as there was restoration and construction going on.  I liked the signs: "St. Patrick's is open!" "In a city that never sleeps everyone needs a place to pray."

You could see the result of the work being done in cathedral: the stones were gleaming white having just been cleaned.  You never think how dark and sooty cathedrals can become until you see one that's just been cleaned and see how fresh and shining it looks!

Clerestory windows glowing like jewels.

I can never stop looking up in cathedrals.  When I travel I always love visiting them, in England and France and anywhere!  I wish there were more cathedrals in the US - there's nothing like stopping in to pray under those beautiful columns and arches.


You can see a galero - a type of hat formerly worn by cardinals in the Catholic church - on display in the cathedral.  If you look high up above the sanctuary you'll see more galeri hanging from the ceiling - they all belonged to Archbishops of New York!  I also loved the guardian angels watching over the lighted candles.

After mass we took a quick stroll around Rockefeller Center.

Skaters out on the ice...I loved seeing the lessons going on.  What an awesome place to learn to skate!

Floral display in between the shops...looks like someone's canoeing down a stream of fall flowers!

This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip.  WE'RE IN NEW YORK!


A shop called "Toasties" was calling my name for breakfast.  Seriously.  Toasties.  I got a big New York poppy seed bagel with plenty of cream cheese!

Becky is a big fan of The Avengers -  we had already visited Bethesda Terrace where Thor departed from, and now we had to stop at Grand Central Terminal which is also in the movie.


I've never seen The Avengers, but I've of course heard of Grand Central Station, so I was excited to visit it again as well.  This is such a gorgeous concourse - we walked slowly, just admiring, watching fellow tourists and also travelers rushing for trains to take them all around the country.  I said to Becky I felt like we should be going somewhere.  "Where would we go, we're already here!" she replied.

There are lots of yummy food offerings in the Grand Central Food Court, including a Magnolia Bakery location!

City cupcake break?  Yes please!

There are a few more updates to come, so stay tuned.  Find a full index of NYC posts here.

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