Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Epcot Flower & Garden Favorites 2016

The flowers and leaves at my house are just beginning to burst into a rainbow of spring colors, but at Epcot they've already been blooming!

We're going to take a look at some 2016 Flower & Garden favorites today!

Never are the waters of Future World lovelier than when covered in floating flower baskets!

You will find not one by TWO new Flower & Garden videos on my YouTube channel this year.  One (the above) is from me...

...the other is from Athos!  I had to head home a few days before the rest of the family, so Athos graciously did a vlog for me.  He claims he's no botanist, but he knows a lot more than I do!  Also how fun is the dinosaur garden with the hidden sauropods?  And the Shakespeare garden!

#PalmTreesForDays.  But the palm trees are there year-round...let's get to the topiaries!

An ice sculpture of Elsa seems like it would be more fitting, but she sure looks fierce in floral!

Snow White dancing along!

The new topiaries with the more realistic faces are cool, but I confess there's a charm to the old all-ivy princesses that I love.

Cinderella and Prince Charming are so sweet!

Had to stop and admire the beautiful Japanese Mini Gardens and bonsai...

These reminded me of Tinkerbell's Fairy Garden (which I've loved admiring at past festivals).  I believe the fairy topiaries are now part of the butterfly garden - unfortunately we didn't have time to stop by this year.

Lady & the Tramp Topiary Love!  And since we're in Italy, this seems like a good time to talk about the food...

They should really now be calling this the Flower and Garden and Food and Wine Festival, there are SO many booths for food!  While we did sample some snacks and enjoy them, it did seem a bit over the top at times.  Guests would be standing and eating in front of the flower displays, not even looking at the topiaries, so if you wanted to admire them or take a photo you were out of luck!

We got the wristlet gift cards just for fun...they're orange scented - you can really smell the citrus.


I was possibly MOST excited to try the violet lemonade...I've seen it online for so long, but this was my first time to sample it!  It's available at the Pineapple Promenade booth, and it was lovely - fruity and vaguely floral, yum!  The dessert that topped everything though was the one on the right...

This was the Cremoso al Pistachio (say it with an Italian accent and it sounds even more delicious).  It's pistachio cream, strawberries, and marscapone cream with a tiny chocolate swirl and crumbled cookies on top.  It was AHMAZING.  If the line hadn't been so drattedly long I would've been tempted to go back for five more (unfortunately only one of the cremosos in the picture was actually

The lines did spoil the Festival and especially the food booths a bit - unfortunately the way our trip worked out, we had to do Epcot on a Saturday...always a bad idea.  It was early-ish in the afternoon, but the lines were still awful and the heat didn't make things any better.

Ah well, what to do in the Epcot heat? Get yourself a refreshing drink of course!

This was a Tiki Torch.  It was very tasty. :)

Just a few more were some friends from the 100 Acre Wood!  Is Piglet made of artichokes?  Or maybe some sort of cactus?  Love the effect.

On the way out we stopped to admire the tea cup garden at the England pavilion...always one of my favorite parts of Flower & Garden!

Wouldn't it be a fun DIY project to make planters like this for your own garden?  It would probably be hard to find such very large tea cups though...

I always love it when a trip falls in with Flower & Garden!  What's your favorite part of the Festival? Be sure to share in the comments!

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  1. I can't wait til I'm there for Flower and Garden in three weeks!