Sunday, March 6, 2016

SoHo Shopping & Purl SoHo | NYC Trip Report

When I last left off in my NYC trip report, my cousin Becky and I had just finished browsing in some pretty fabulous New York City bookstores.  One of them, the Housing Works, is located in SoHo... we decided to do some exploring - and some more shopping! 


The buildings and fire escapes are like works of art!


I'm very sorry, but I don't think 15% off constitutes a "SUPER DUPER" sale.  I do like the fluffy blue coat though.  And the skirt.  If I lived in New York, that's exactly the sort of thing I'd wear.


Window shopping is at its finest in SoHo - each shop tells its own story.  I love the chandeliers and furniture - and the purses hanging like art on the walls!


Our destination was a store Becky, who loves knitting, was excited to see: PURL SOHO!

The wall was just a gorgeous rainbow of yarn!

This was a marvelous shop.  It made me want to embark on a thousand different crafts.

So many gorgeous colors...

...and textures (see the flowers woven in?)!


Friendship bracelets never go out of style!  They were selling sets of colorful cords prepackaged and ready for bracelet making - they were too tempting.  I got one and now have a homemade bracelet in all shades of purple.

The many varieties of scissors - check out those big ones on the right.


Back out onto the cobblestones!  I could see Bertie Wooster strolling along Wooster street. :)

Our next stop was not planned, but when I saw a sign outside MarieBelle boasting the "Best Hot Chocolate in the World" I obviously had to stop.

They had ALL kinds of chocolate in their delightful stop, and at the back was the CaCao bar... swanky!  I wish we'd had time to stop and sit, but we just got our cocoas to go.

Desserts under the case...yuuuummmm...

The hot chocolate varieties lined up.  Gorgeous.


I did a blog post about the Top 5 Hot Chocolates in the World, and MarieBelle was on the list!

It was INCREDIBLY thick - I'm blowing on it in this photo, and my breath barely makes a dent!  It was rich and velvety and wonderful.

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