Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Eggs at Walt Disney World

I know an "Easter egg" can mean a hidden secret - but in today's post, we're talking about actual Easter eggs at Walt Disney World!

There's a new video up on my channel all about our experience with the Epcot "EGGstravaganza" Egg Hunt around World Showcase.

It was exciting to pick up the cute map and set off to look for the character eggs in each country, but it was a hot, hot, crowded Saturday, and as you can hear about in the video, it got old fast.  This is really an activity for a cool, uncrowded, leisurely Epcot morning, not a Saturday afternoon when the park is packed, and you've already been on your feet all day.

Wandering all around the Japan pavilion...where is that darn egg??

They really should have a cheat sheet with a hint - you might waste your time looking inside a pavilion only to discover the egg is out by the water, or vice versa!  And the "2016" cheat sheets we found online sometimes had out-of-date information!

We had a hard time in China too.  Hey Mulan!  Do you know where the egg is?  lol, the cast members were always helpful (sometimes you had to ask more than one because not all the cast members knew about the eggs!) if you got stuck.

Here's Dart picking out his prize at the end...to see it just watch the video!

On a related note, we also caught some Easter Egg art at the Grand...

This year was the fifth annual Easter Egg Display at the Grand Floridian Resort.  I've sometimes seen the Jack o' Lanterns at the resorts, but I've never caught an Easter Egg display - these were gorgeous!

And a BB-8 egg? Complete with lightsaber? Major win!

I hope everybody had a wonderful Easter!

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