Monday, February 22, 2016

2 Outfits for Coronado Springs Style

You guys know I love my Disney style, and I've got two new outfits from Coronado Springs to share...

I love this resort!  Its bright, tropical colors definitely deserve a bright, tropical wardrobe!

I love the Coronado Springs lobby - the mural behind the registration desks is so beautiful!

And then of course there are the big giant windows at the end, with lush foliage popping up outside.


So our first Coronado Springs outfit is a dress by Maison Jules with some black wedges from ModCloth.  I love how full and swirly the skirt is!

Just outside the lobby is the bright turquoise hallway with pops of coraly orange that matched my dress perfectly!

The abstract, over-sized, colorful blooms on the dress were a perfect fit at Coronado Springs.


From one swirly skirt and colorful hallway to another!  Our next outfit is more Mayan...

I love the embroidery on this blouse!

I went with a coral color again which is pretty perfect for Coronado.

The skirt is a Macy's find and has patches of bright orange, coral, red, purple, and blue on black.

A cast member from Concierge saw us taking all these photos and decided to jump in for a silly pose...FAVORITE.

There are SO MANY pretty photo spots at Coronado Springs though - and these are all just in El Centro!

All around the resort there are so many gorgeous courtyards and beaches and bridges and, you know, a Mayan temple by the pool - even the conference center is regal!  We had a lovely stay here on our last trip...there's a Coronado Springs room tour coming your way very soon!  And of course planning the outfits was half the fun. :)

Let me know in the comments - what's your Coronado style?

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