Thursday, January 14, 2016

Walt Disney World Snapchat Geofilters

I found a new favorite collectible on our most recent trip to Walt Disney World.

Not trading pins.

Not vinylmations.

I'm talking Walt Disney World GEOFILTERS on Snapchat, my friends.

Geofilters, for the uninitiated, are special overlays, like stickers, that you can add to your photos and videos with the Snapchat app.  They're specific to location, so you can only access them when you're standing in a particular spot...

...for instance, I can only add the absolutely charming Hollywood Studios gates to my snaps when I am physically standing at the front of the Hollywood Studios park.

Similarly this Tower of Terror geofilter can only be found in the Tower of Terror area of the park.  Before the end of our trip, I was on a mission to find as many geofilters as I possibly could...

Epcot had some adorable geofilters.

Spaceship Earth Snapchat love...

...and of course the monorail!  There was another geofilter with the "Por Favor Mantengansie Alejado  de las Puertas" line, but, alas, I forgot to save my snap from it.

Incidentally, in case you were wondering, the monorail itself does not have a geofilter.  I was only able to find geofilters inside the parks...none of the resorts seemed to have them.  This was in October 2015 - hopefully they'll add resort-specific geofilters because how fun would that be?? 

I believe the Animal Kingdom does have geofilters, but we only had one short afternoon there during our trip, and I unfortunately forgot to snap them!  Ah trip.  If you guys know of any geofilters that I missed or aren't on this list, please post in the comments.

I'm assuming all the Disney World geofilters actually came from Disney because they're such a big company you would think they'd have some clout, and Snapchat would give them say over what geofilters go live on property.  Although...Snapchat's policy technically is that anyone can upload original art to be used as a location's geofilter - Snapchat then reviews submissions and approves and denies as it pleases.

The "Walt Disney World" logo geofilter could be found in each of the four parks.  In the Magic Kingdom you can find it at the HUB.  The Magic Kingdom hands down had the most geofilters out of the parks.

You can add fireworks to your snaps at the HUB too...look at the hidden Mickeys!

Magic Kingdom arches are available for snapchatting at the entrance of the park.

Main Street USA has a geofilter too!

Each land has a geofilter featuring its unique archway...Tomorrowland...



...Liberty Square...

...and New Fantasyland!

Some of the most classic Disney attractions had their own geofilters...I think Haunted Mansion's hitchhiking ghosts were my favorite!

Say it with me: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES.

The one and only Turkey Leg gets its own geofilter.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Snapchattin.

Space Mountain also gets a geofilter.

There were also a few Orlando geofilters which you could find around property.  Not as exciting as the Disney designs, but still pretty fun.

Are you into snapchat?  Tell me about your geofilter discoveries in the comments, and be sure to add me on Snapchat - username is "emmapixiedust"  Happy snapping!

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