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Disney's Contemporary Resort | Room Tour

We're checking into Walt Disney World's CONTEMPORARY Resort Hotel on the blog today...

This is one of the deluxe resorts - and the Disney deluxe resorts are my absolute favorite.  They're like theme parks unto themselves; there's so much thought and detail put into the theming, there's so much to explore with the lobbies and restaurants and pools and more...but today we're not just visiting, we're stepping inside a standard room!

The Contemporary Resort is THE monorail resort.  I know the monorail stops at the other Seven Seas Lagoon resorts, but the Contemporary really owns its monorail-ness.


Looking down onto the Grand Canyon Concourse from above.  Can't you just hear the monorails whishing by below?  The Contemporary does have rooms in a Garden Wing (the rooms there look exactly the same as the one we're looking at except for the view of course), but today we're staying in the Tower.  It's so cool to step from the energy and airiness of the concourse into your own room...

This is a standard room.  The design is very minimalist and contemporary (of course!).  There are lots of neutral tans, black, and white - which really makes the few bursts of yellow and green pop.

Mickey's on the pillow and on the bed as a towel sculpture!

Opposite the beds is the daybed and tv area.  You can flip a switch to make the tiles beneath the tv glow - so swanky.

The desk area in the corner.  At one point I remember they had a computer on these desks for guests to use - now I suppose they don't need it - most guests have a computer in their pocket with iPhones everywhere!


On to the bathroom - a ladder-style rack to hang the towels, lighted mirrors, and very posh and very square sinks.  The sinks look cool, but they don't drain very well - if you're emptying a mug the liquid just sits there.  The toilet is in its own little room, separated by a sliding frosted glass door.  The main door to the bathroom is also sliding and has frosted glass.

Contemporary shapes on the curtains!

Rooms in the Tower overlook either Bay Lake or the Magic Kingdom.

A theme park view room at the Contemporary Resort is one of my favorite kinds of Disney magic.  We once were lucky enough to be upgraded to a Tower Club Suite on the fourteenth floor, which was so high up you felt like you had an aerial view of the whole park!  But even on the lower floors, the view is pretty amazing...


I basically never want to leave the balcony when I stay at the Contemporary - I just want to watch the monorails zoom past all day, listen to the sounds of park.  

There is no more delightful way to be lazy at Walt Disney World than simply to watch the monorails making their circuit around the Seven Seas Lagoon.

One thing you really don't want to miss is the sunset.  Make sure you sit on your balcony one clear night to see the sun sinking on the far horizon.

(On another note: do you see the hidden wristwatch in the landscaping?)

Time seems to slow down at the end of the day, it's like you can watch the globe turning, and just as the colors of the sky are turning dramatic pinks and purples, the castle begins to glow pink and purple too!

When the light leaves the sky, all sorts of other pixie dust appears to light up the night.  Why fight the crowds at the Magic Kingdom for the fireworks when you can have an incredible aerial view from your room?

A few more Contemporary Pro Tips...

-The Contemporary Resort is the only resort hotel on property with a walkway to the Magic Kingdom.  It's a very pleasant and a quite short walk (10-15 minutes).  If you take the monorail to the Magic Kingdom, you'll have to wait through all the other stops on the Resort monorail line (TTC, Polynesian, Grand Floridian) before you get to the MK, so it's smart to walk to the park in the morning then take the monorail back in the evening - on the way back, the Contemporary is the first stop!
-The Contemporary does have a very nice pool area behind the resort on Bay Lake.  There are lots of water activities (this is a fun place to go parasailing!) and even hammocks.  You can also catch the Electrical Water Pageant off the dock here in the evenings.
-When you're staying at the Contemporary Resort, it can be fun to take the bridge from the Grand Canyon Concourse or take the pathways over to explore the adjacent Contemporary DVC property, Bay Lake Tower.  They have a nice lobby area and garden area and pool area - although the pool is gated and is for Bay Lake Tower guests.

While I sometimes think of other deluxe resorts - the Polynesian, the Animal Kingdom Lodge, the Wilderness Lodge - as more immersive in their theming, there's an elegance, a luxury, and a sleekness to the Contemporary - and at the same time a very Disney atmosphere - that makes it one-of-a-kind.

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