Sunday, January 10, 2016

Chelsea Marketplace | NYC Trip Report

I'm picking up where we left off in our NYC trip report...Becky and I had just descended from the beautiful High Line promenade to do some perusing at Chelsea Marketplace:

We started off at the delightfully eclectic Artists & Fleas.

There was a map with push pins marking all the places visitors had come from.  A very international crowd!

This was such a funky space with so many interesting retailers...

These printed writing bags with snarky saying made me laugh.  "OF COURSE I KNOW I AM DRAMATIC."

There was an entire stall selling hipster glasses - chunky glasses merely to be worn for intellectual effect without the prescription frames in them - but why on earth would you buy those when you could actually but a Bertie-Wooster-style MONOCLE.  I'm not kidding you:

Let's face it.  Monocles were the original hipster glasses.

A beautiful jewelry shop!

Fine chains galore made for the perfect photo op...

Everything in this place was just incredibly photogenic...I couldn't stop snapping...

...I mean just look at that plaid cape!!

Finally we made it out of Artists & Fleas and into the actual Marketplace...

...only to be stopped by a sign for books.  Obviously we had to investigate!


Loved this bag.  "A book lover never goes to Bed Alone..."


The sheets of wrapping paper were so lovely I ended up buying one to use as a poster!  And of course we had to stock up on NYC postcards.

We were beginning to feel hungry (breakfast at Pret a Manger had been awhile ago...), and luckily Chelsea Marketplace had plenty of food to tempt us.


A cabinet full of jam to go with the scones and muffins!  But my muffin didn't need jam because it had a hard-boiled egg baked right into it...

That's just magical.  I need to start making this at home.

The chocolate sandwich cookies were also delightful.

No, that's not a real person hanging from the ceiling of Chelsea Marketplace - it was October, so there were Halloween displays and pumpkins about!

More tempting sweets...

Isn't "Tallyho!" a fantastic name for a dessert?  "Double layers of salted cocoa sable cookies and fluffy vanilla marshmallow, dipped in dark chocolate and decorated with a swirl of white chocolate...Grab one for yourself and one for...uh...'a friend.'"

Incredibly I managed to resist the TallyHo...this is the problem when you travel to interesting places.  There are too many wonderful things to try - you can't fit them all into one trip!  Next time...

Just look at that list of shops.  See what I meant about too many things to do and see?

A quiet moment at the shoeshine stop.

As we were walking along, we smelled something marvelous...then the counter of spices came into view!


"Amy's Bread" and "Corkbuzz"...more places to try someday!

It was so much fun to explore Chelsea Marketplace, but we only had the weekend in NYC and more places to see!  On we strolled towards Union Square...

'Insomnia Cookies.'  How great does that sound?

Although, honestly, I think "The Donut Pub" sounds even better.

We had such good luck with the weather - gorgeous sunny blue October skies with fall breezes.

We had a brief stroll around Union Square.  The paths are lined with long benches stretching all along the path, but it was lunchtime, and almost every bench was filled!  We did eventually find two seats and sat to rest our feet and listen to the stories around us.  The guy next to us was on his laptop and phone the entire time and seemed to be conducting some important business deal.  Everyone in New York is fascinating.

It's also pretty beautiful. :)

We had a lot of walking that day, but it was so nice out, and there are so many interesting things to see out on the streets we didn't want to be shut up in the subway.  Once we felt ready for some more blocks, we left Union Square behind.  Our destination: The Strand.

I'm super excited for the next update because we will be talking about BOOKSTORES of New York City.  Stay tuned!


  1. Wow, love how you manage to capture a lots of wonderful details, it's like we were there. Thank you so much Emma.

  2. You're making me want to go back to NYC!

  3. If you ever come back, I definitely recommend checking out the breads at Amy's Bakery and Insomnia Cookies are my absolute favorite!