Thursday, December 24, 2015

Top 6 Christmas Decorations at Disney World


To celebrate the holiday season this year, I have my top six favorite places to go to enjoy the Christmas decorations at Walt Disney World.  Many of them may look familiar as I'm sure they've appeared on the blog in the past - you can click here for more details about holiday decor all over Disney World.

But if you just want the cream of the crop, you're in the right place!  Without further adieu...


These picks are not in any order, because as I come to each of them it feels like that one is my favorite.  So we're going to start with my favorite - the Polynesian Village!

The swags are hung from oars overhead, which in turn are suspended from the ceiling on ropes of tropical flowers.  SERIOUSLY GUYS.

Icing on the Polynesian Christmas cake?  The wreaths around the tiki torches in BouTiki.  LOVE.


The Beach Club is a holiday favorite because of its charming gingerbread carousel.  Yes, it's at the Beach Club.  Not the Boardwalk.  People get that confused a lot.

While I love the carousel, it's the perfection of the rest of the lobby that puts the Beach Club holiday pixie dust over the top.  The juxtaposition of the traditional winter trees with the beachy pastels and seaside ornaments are my favorite.

Every evergreen needs some fish swimming on it, don't you think?


I couldn't leave World Showcase at Epcot off this list - the countries all look amazing at this time of year.  But if I have to pick just one, it'd be Italy.

With the Venetian theme, this pavilion is already deluxe, and the ribbons and baubles make it wonderfully decadent for the holidays.

So elegant and so festive.  Bellissima!


That gargantuan tree.  The reindeers in lights over the front door.  The fact that the wood beam architecture of the Wilderness Lodge makes it the perfect rustic Christmas palace.

And then there are the wreaths with their MOOSE ANTLERS.  Nuff said.


The first thing that strikes you as you step into the Grand Floridian at Christmastime is the profusion of Christmas trees.  They're everywhere.

The tree in the middle is Nutcracker huge - it needs ornaments as big as your head!

Ad then there's the absolutely adorable life-size gingerbread house.  I want one of these for Christmas.  They'd probably have to put it outside though, because it wouldn't fit under the tree...


Last but not least, the center of it all, Cinderella Castle, receives a Christmas makeover worthy of its fame... used to be the Fairy Godmother who plussed it up with pixie dust - I kinda miss her.  These days Queen Elsa takes charge.


Sometimes it's pink, sometimes it's blue (not unlike Aurora's dress), but it's always glorious.

Be sure to chime in with your favorites in the comments and have a magical Christmas!

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  1. wohh. Every photos is so bright and beautiful for the last Christmas. Even though it was a little late for reading this post by myself. By the way, thank you for sharing some nice photos xX