Monday, November 23, 2015

The High Line | NYC Trip Report

When you think of New York City, you probably think of traversing busy streets with buildings stretching up above you...

...and this is, in fact, one of the novelties and fun parts about visiting NYC.

I especially like the buildings that look like they've been randomly picked out of Paris and plopped in the middle of Manhattan, but that's just me...

In today's New York City trip report post, however, we are seeking the pastoral rather than the urban. One of the items on our itinerary during my cousin Becky's & my trip was one of New York's hippest green spaces: the High Line.

"The High Line is a New York City park maintained and supported by Friends of the High Line."  There are a variety of places you can access it - I believe this entrance was at 30th street.  We walked South along it to eventually end up at Chelsea Marketplace.

The High Line is built along an abandoned elevated railway track, now filled with plants and promenades.

Shall we go for a stroll?

Photo pause!  Always necessary.

I love the faces you pass in New York - they're all fascinating, like characters out of a book.  You can start to paint a picture about them by just the smallest details - the way they walk, the expression on their faces, the bags they're carrying, the sunglasses they're wearing.  People in all places are bizarre and puzzling and fascinating, don't get me wrong - there are stories everywhere - but in New York the stories just leap off the street at you. this one.  I love the hat.  Snatching a quiet moment in the city?  Writing a poem?  Just checking her instagram feed? The possibilities are endless.

It was very crowded on the High Line that afternoon with a fairly constant stream of traffic, but everyone was cheerful and bustling and enjoying the sunshine.

Selfie stick!  Don't worry, sir, I will not judge you.

I just now told Becky that I am writing this blog post about the High Line and should she like to add anything, and she said, "It's full of nice things." And I said, "No, that's the Met, darling."

Becky, however, asserts that the High Line also has nice things, including trees, which is a good point.  There were not just bushes and flowers but, in some parts, trees too.

There were also art installations along the High Line - very cool.

You can't see the sign because I was snapping surreptitiously and sadly missed it, but this guy was a Shakespearean busker - he would do (just about) any monologue or scene from any play you liked.  I wish we had had time to watch him in action.

Green grass and benches for sitting and chatting.

Deck chairs!  They were on rollers so you could move further away or closer to your neighbors, just as you chose.

Parking in New York - crazy!

I love the greenery cutting right alongside the upper story windows and rooflines!

A glimpse of the Hudson.

There was a gift shop area when you got close to Chelsea Market.  I was tempted...I just wish everything hadn't been so expensive...

Princess Elsa passing by a doubtless expensive popsicle stand.  This trip was right before Halloween, and the High Line was having a trick or treat!

"Haunted High Line Halloween!"

It's not every day you see Darth Vader in a suit.

Hay bales and cobwebs...and those trees Becky liked...

We had a lovely time!  Have you ever visited the High Line?  Stay tuned in the next installment for adventures from Chelsea Market. :)

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