Sunday, November 15, 2015

Epcot Food & Wine Festival Favorites 2015

The 2015 Food & Wine Festival at Epcot is wrapping up this weekend, so I thought we'd take a look at some of the tastiest eats from around the world...

...I hope you're hungry!

Especially for desserts, because you know there are going to be plenty of those. ;)

I love strolling around World Showcase on a blue sky Florida afternoon!

If you're headed to Food & Wine, you want to try to arrive at Epcot earlier in the day.  This Festival is very popular, and the lines at the different booths get very long, especially on the weekends and later in the evening at dinnertime.

One of our first stops was the Germany pavilion.  The apple strudel sounded too good to miss!

It looked beautiful too! There were a few sultanas mixed in with the apples, but the crust was crispy and flakey and the sauce was creamy and delicious.  Yum!

We also tried the schinkennudeln - pasta gratin with ham & cheese. It was a generous portion for $3.50, but it wasn't anything special.  I'd probably skip it to sample a more exotic dish next time!

Athos tried the roast bratwurst...he wanted the pretzel roll!

Sometimes the size of the line would decide which booth we tried...Hops & Barley is tucked away in the American pavilion with no line and a Florida Grass-Fed Beef Slider on the menu.  It was topped with onions and pimento cheese - it was quite nice!

Dart tried the Kalua Pork Slider from the Hawai'i booth with sweet & sour pineapple chutney and spicy mayonnaise.  He loved it!

One thing I love about Food & Wine is how charmingly designed the booths are.  Here's a bright coral Patagonia...

...and a castle for Scotland!

The Africa booth had a thatch roof and my favorite dish of all: buttered chicken with micro cilantro (doesn't that sound fancy?) and naan bread.  SO GOOD.  Dart said it tasted like something from Sanaa, which, if you've eaten at Sanaa, you'll know is a very high compliment.

Most of the Food & Wine booths are located throughout World Showcase, but in recent years I feel like they've been adding more Food & Wine things to Future World, like the cranberry bog!

The tv show The Chew had two different booths at the Festival - they're located in Future World outside Club Cool.

You'll find the Cheese Studio (isn't that the best name?) outside Journey into Imagination.

The Festival Center is back by Ellen's Universe of Energy.  If you don't have a special tasting event or exhibition you want to see, there's not a whole lot to see back here.  They do have lots of Food & Wine Festival merch, although you can find that in other shops throughout the park too.

Did you know they had a Food & Wine Dooney & Bourke design for the 20th Anniversary of the Festival?  I was pretty's so cute!

But let's get back to the food!  Here's the fisherman's pie from Ireland.  I've heard people rave about this, and it did have big chunks of fish and lobster and a tasty mashed potato crust, but I wasn't as blown away as I expected.  Then again I'm not a huge seafood person...

...the warm chocolate pudding on the other hand is melt-in-your-mouth good!  The sauce is Kerry Gold Irish Cream Liquer Custard.  I only wish the cake weren't so tiny!

While we're on the subject of desserts, we may as well head over to the Desserts & Champagne booth!  I love the swanky shadows in the window - it makes it feel like a party!

We tried several of the offerings here - that red cream soda float with caramel ice cream in my hand was for my little brother Dart.  He really enjoyed it!

Then we have the super cute Frozen Smores drink - as we were walking away, other guests stopped us to ask what it was and where we got it!  It's frozen chocolate milk with marshmallows and chocolate shavings.  Refreshing and chocolaty and yum!

When I saw another guest with the beautiful strawberry champagne flute, I knew I had to try it!  The strawberry mousse (the lighter pink on top) was absolutely lovely, and the white chocolate Food & Wine shaving on top was so pretty.  The champagne itself - the darker red - was strawberry basil...but mostly basil.  Seriously, the basil taste was overwhelming.  I wasn't a fan.

Did you make it to the Food & Wine Festival this year?  Share your favorite eats in the comments!

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  1. I didn't get to go this year but it looks so good! I would love that butter chicken with naan, the butter chicken is my favorite dish at Sanaa!