Tuesday, October 6, 2015

10 Disney Room Details at the Animal Kingdom Lodge

The beauty and fun and magic of a Walt Disney World vacation lies - at least in the eyes of this Disney snob - in the details.


Today's blog post is taking us to Jambo House at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge.  But instead of giving you a standard room tour or review (there are lots of those out there), I'm just going to break it down into my top ten room details.  The little things that really transport you and turn your hotel stay into an adventure.  Here we go...

1. The artistically draped mosquito netting over the bed and also...

2. The beautiful basket lantern lamps.

3. The wavy tribal diamonds in the carpet.

4. The giant lizard mirror and looks like it's ready to crawl across the wall.

5. A mini lamp for each bunk bed...perfect for late night reading!

6. The *incredible* African map wallpaper near the sink which I always feel like I could spend all day studying.  Every time we stay at the AKL I notice something new in this wallpaper.

7. The colorful print on the shower curtain...complete with Hidden Mickeys!

8. The lovely lacy curtains with hidden characters from the Lion King!

These curtains are so beautiful they get two photos...you almost wouldn't notice the characters unless you knew to look!

9. The wise zebras on the balcony chairs

10. Stepping out on your balcony to find THIS view of Arusha rock.

Just. Gorgeous.

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  1. Animal Kingdom Lodge is pretty high up on my list of Disney hotels to stay at, love all the incredible details it just makes the trip that bit extra special!