Monday, September 7, 2015

The New Great Ceremonial House | Disney's Polynesian Village

We've been looking at new places and spaces at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort on the blog lately...the redesigned Captain Cook's, the DVC buildings and bungalows... we're going to take a look at the center of it all: the Great Ceremonial House!

Can I get an ALOOOOHA?

If you were familiar with the old Great Ceremonial House with that beautiful waterfall and lush foliage, this will seem like a big change.  I loved the old GCH and honestly still prefer it to the new space.  However, the new lobby does still feel like the Polynesian.  I like that when you enter the doors now you can see straight out the windows at the back and all the way across the Seven Seas Lagoon to Cinderella Castle.  Mr. Tiki God in the middle is even starting to grow on me.

Hidden Mickey stones are still here!

In the old lobby you would look down from above into a tropical forest - it is fun to be able to see more of the lobby from the second floor now.  And you've got that new chandy candy...


Tropical and fun but elegant too - love it.

The color scheme downstairs is in deep reds and oranges.

I like the new seating arrangements - although I don't like that there are no hidden Mickeys in the new rugs.  Disney seems to be moving away from hidden Mickeys in its new designs.

Pineapple Princess chair!

...the tropical headband I'm wearing in the above pic I found at a table just outside Boutiki - they're selling pretty floral hair clips and headbands.


We have to take a peek inside Boutiki at the Polynesian merch.  I like Minnie, although Mickey seems oddly tall.  And who knew they sold a dole whip air freshener??

The new artwork in the elevator niche is pretty the tiki dancers!

Have you visited the new Great Ceremonial House?  What are your thoughts?


  1. I actually had that Dole Whip air freshener! It's lost it's scent now, though.

  2. I love the new color scheme and decor - it's very relaxing and calming. But I miss the crazy-awesome waterfall and feeling like you had just stepped into a Polynesian rainforest!