Monday, September 21, 2015

Legoland Florida Hotel Review

I have a brand new hotel review for you all today!

Yes, it's in Florida.

No, it's not at Disney World.

Any guesses?

We're off to LEGOLAND Florida to check into the brand new Legoland Florida Hotel.

It looks like it's built out of Lego, and there's a giant dragon out front.

Plus there are life-size minifigures.  And not just any minifigs - that's Johnny Thunder...he's apparently a Lego celebrity from back in the day...

The Legoland Hotel opened this past May 2015 - we actually stayed there just a few days after the Grand Opening!

A wall full of minifigures greets you behind the Front Desk.  That surfer dude is riding a bike with magnifying glasses as wheels, so you can get a closer look at the minifigs as he slowly glides back and forth.  One cool thing about Legoland is that you can trade minifigures with employees - any employee who has one on their name badge.  Sadly the minifigs on the wall were not up for trade...that'd be cool if they were.

The Lego pit in the lobby is so deep, they need a lifeguard in case some kid falls in and gets lost in all the bricks...ok, I'M KIDDING.  It think it was raining out, so the lifeguard came in from the pool.

Adjacent to the lego pit is a display shelf area where kids can put their creations.

At the back of the lobby you'll find a play area with a castle and a pirate ship, and conveniently just across the way...

A bar.  LOL.  So parents can drop their kids at the play area and head over for a drink.  Unfortunately the playground was pretty much bedlam every time we walked past it, because parents weren't supervising their kids - didn't make for an especially restful lobby experience.  It made me appreciate the fact that at Disney they don't make an area for kids and then a separate area for adults - they make one area that the whole family will enjoy together.

Just off the lobby you'll find the hotels only restaurant - a buffet called Bricks.  They even have characters out, although don't expect Disney Princesses.  When we met "Mia" the Lego Friend, she seemed very surprised we knew her name and a little uncertain of it herself...

Breakfast is included!  The spread was plentiful (they even had mini smoothies!), but the quality was low.

There's more of our Bricks breakfast in the vlog above - I liked the minifies on the menu signs!

I loved all the Lego sculptures in and around Bricks - those chefs get up to some pretty crazy stuff!

Just outside Bricks and the lobby is the pool.  Colorful but basic about sums it up.

We now come to the coolest part of the hotel - the rooms!  Note the "Legoland Times" newspaper available for perusal in the morning.


The hallways had some good theming - ancient Egyptian symbols or a pirate brig printed on the doors!

If you've read any of my room reviews, you'll know I'm a fan of cool carpets, and I did like the Legoland Hotel's!  There are four different themed rooms you can choose from: Kingdom, Adventure, Pirate, or Lego Friends.

We stayed in a Knight's Room in the Kingdom section!

There's a locked "treasure chest" by the door when you enter - once you solve the riddles on the paper, you can open it to claim your prize.

Watch the end of the video to find out what the prize was!


The kid's section of the room was the coolest part - bunkbeds, a tv, a spinning matching game...

...I think the King Lego Mouse was my favorite.  It's no Mickey, but it's still pretty fun!

We stayed one night at the Legoland Hotel, which felt like more than enough time to see and experience everything the hotel had to offer.  It basically felt like a Hampton Inn with cool theming in the rooms and a bunch of neat Lego sculptures sprinkled in.

We spent the next morning in the park and then were eager to get back to Disney!  While it was fun to visit Legoland and the new hotel, especially as we had some big Lego fans in our group, it's not someplace we'll be rushing back to.

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