Friday, August 14, 2015

Pret A Manger Breakfast | NYC Trip Report

One of the fun things about staying in New York is that when you get into the elevator at your hotel, this is what you see:

SO many buttons!!  When my cousin and I descended from our floor down to the street on the second day of NYC trip, it was fairly early on a Saturday morning, and we had an exciting destination...

...the Empire State Building!  We had read beforehand that the lines at the Empire Statue Building are just insane, and it's best to get there early.  There's a post about our visit there coming up, but first, it was time for breakfast...

It was fun to see the morning sunlight sneaking in between skyscrapers!

HELLO PRET A MANGER!  This is such a lovely sandwich chain - it's a British import with a French name ("Ready to Eat").  They're all over the UK and on every street corner in London (a squirrel in St. James's Park in London once tried to steal a croissant I got from Pret). There aren't very many Prets in the US - just in big cities - but whenever I see one I have to stop in!

They have such a unique selection of funky juices, chips, and sandwiches.

Coffee - yes please!

We passed quite a few Prets in NYC - this one was on Fifth Avenue and had a really nice seating area.  We had it all to ourselves that morning!

Becky decided to try the chocolate croissant.

I got the plain croissant - so flaky and airy and yum.  I wish I could have a Pret breakfast every morning!

This is another thing I don't see everyday!  After our croissants, we were ready to head to the 86th floor for a view of Manhattan...

More city adventures to come!

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