Friday, August 7, 2015

Magic Kingdom Style | Disney World OOTD

Get ready for some Walt Disney World wardrobe pixie dust, my friends!

Close your eyes and picture Cinderella Castle; this Disney Outfit of the Day is a dapper dress for the Magic Kingdom.

I love that moment when you've just arrived at the park and come through the turnstiles - you pause to put your ticket away/collect your party/collect your thoughts - you look up, and there's the Mickey parterre and the train clanging cheerfully as it pulls into the station - and you just say...



Whether strolling down Main Street, returning from a trip to the mines, or stopping to try on a glass slipper, I think a dress/skirt is perfect attire for the Magic Kingdom.  With its 50's/vintage vibe, this dress would be really cute for Dapper Day - or in fact any day at the Magic Kingdom.  After all, you never know who you'll find dressed in their Sunday best...

Mickey, for me??  You shouldn't have!

I'm wearing the Maritime Manner Dress from ModCloth.  It's rather nautical (wouldn't it look perfect on a Disney cruise??), but I thought the cream, white, and navy also worked well on Main Street USA!  It's got a sort-of subtle Trolley style, don't you think?  I love the navy trim on the collar and sleeves and the red rope belt.  On my feet: some trusty Croc flats in navy!


These cute character cut-outs were on the construction walls when the Hub Grass was still under construction; they made for adorable photo ops. :)

Don't forget to share your Magic Kingdom style in the comments, and check out more Disney World outfits below...

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  1. Love the dress! You know, I used to always throw my Disney outfits together at the last minute. But since I started reading your blog, I've started to plan out my outfits more. What to wear on September 26th when I head back to Disneyland...