Sunday, August 16, 2015

Disney's Boardwalk Inn | Water View Room Tour

WELCOME to the BOARDWALK, everybody!

We're checking into a deluxe Disney World resort for a virtual stay!  Last time it was the Yacht Club Resort; today we're crossing Crescent Lake to look at a room at the Boardwalk Inn.

So put on your best hat - you'll want to match Minnie!

Another reason to get excited: the curtains are new and totally Boardwalk-ed out.  The rooms at the Inn were spiffied up for 2015 with some new furniture and fixtures.  For comparison, you can see photos of the old room here.


We stayed in a standard water view room in the Boardwalk Inn - room 3241.  The room was very long - sometimes there are rooms in funny corners of the resort that have slightly different dimensions than the rest (like this corner room at the Beach Club), and I think this was one of them.

Just a quick note about the Boardwalk Resort - it has two separate wings, the Boardwalk Inn and the Boardwalk Villas.  They share the same check-in/concierge desks, pools, and public areas; the rooms in the Villas are, as you may have guessed, Disney Vacation Club villas.  This room is on the Boardwalk Inn side.

So are you ready to step inside?

But before we step in, we should really check out the carpets in the hallway because they're new!  The design by the elevators now features all sorts of acrobats.  Mickey Mouse in his roller coaster (one of my favorite Disney rug designs) is still present over in the Villas hallways.  I believe the Villas are undergoing a refurb shortly; I hope Mickey stays!


Just off to one side, as soon as you enter the room, you'll find the sink area and bathroom, which has been totally refurbed - new vanity, square-bottom sinks, one big mirror instead of two, and new tiles in the shower.  There are Ferris wheels on the shower curtain!

You can get a better idea of the room layout from the video tour.

Here's what you'll see when you enter the main part of the room.  The beds are the same; the blanket/runner used to be yellow, now it's candy striped.

Here's another view looking down the room from the other side!  There's a dark wood dresser holding the tv (it reminds me a bit of the new tv armoire at the Grand Floridian).  And there are plenty of places to sit...


The desk, the daybed (it's been reupholstered in a coral red), and a funky square-backed chair by the window.

The charming carousel painting with the castle rising in the distance is still here.

I had never noticed this painting before - a Victorian scene from the Boardwalk!

More room may be upside down, but it's a hidden Mickey.

Another Mickey - this one more obvious (and right-side up!) - driving along with Minnie!

The new carpets have a pretty and plush green pattern.

The curtains are white with sketches in the same green color - you'll recognize them all as various scenes from around the resort!  You could do a fun scavenger hunt trying to identify each one. :)

Having reached the curtains, we come now to the windows and what is one of my favorite things about a Boardwalk Inn room - the balcony!


If you book a water view room, you'll be situated right above the Boardwalk area and Crescent Lake.  I never want to leave my balcony when I stay's so fun to sit and take in the scene at all different times of day - sunrise with guests going to the Boardwalk Bakery for a morning cup of coffee or heading off to Epcot (the walking-distance proximity to Epcot and Hollywood Studios is a big perk to staying at the Boardwalk - we stayed here during Star Wars Weekends, and it was so nice to come back for an afternoon rest and be able to get back over for fireworks without having to deal with buses etc!), families surrey biking in the afternoon, crowds strolling in the sunset...

...that golden hour right before sunset is when I took many of these pictures.  I could even watch the magic shows going on below... aerial view!

Have you stayed at the Boardwalk?  Be sure to share your thoughts and reviews in the comments. :)


  1. A Disney sunset from your balcony! Love it!

  2. You definitely picked the right "golden hour" - those photos look fantastic!

  3. Hi!! It looks like you had a corner room? But I seem to see you would be able to see fireworks from the room? I'd love your feebback because I just booked waterview on NYE at the inn and I did it for the perk of sunsets and fireworks ! Any feedback would be helpful ! I was thinking the main building facing msgraight ahead would be the only fireworks view but maybe the whole Boardwalk /water view can see them? Thank you loved your detailed review !!