Friday, July 31, 2015

Zara Scarves | NYC Trip Report

This latest New York City trip report installment involves a scarf shopping spree... our last update we had just finished an afternoon of sightseeing at the Met.  It was dark by the time we got out, and we walked the long walk down 5th Avenue alongside Central Park towards Time Square and our hotel.

The night was hopping - the Fifth Avenue stores were open and pulsing with glittering lights and windows.  I think the neon pink entrance in the above photo belongs to a hotel!

I loved window shopping - some stores we passed even had live models!  But there was one store I couldn't walk right by...

Zara is a European high street store that I used to love shopping at when I studied abroad in Ireland.  The Duchess of Cambridge also shops at Zara.  Nuff said.

At first glance we weren't sure if we were supposed to use the stairs - there were mannequins sitting on them!

I had been hoping to find a fabulous new scarf during our trip, and as soon as we stepped into Zara, I felt sure my new city scarf was hiding somewhere in that store waiting for me!  Just look at all those wonderful textures and prints and polka dots...

I LOVED the orange!  This was an October trip, and those looked perfect for fall...


This scarf was less of a scarf and more of an enormous, soft, cozy blanket.  In. Love.


I ended up with a beautiful teal scarf/shawl that you'll be seeing in plenty of photos in future hear about that croissant and that bookstore, you'll just have to stay tuned!

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