Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hub Grass at the Magic Kingdom

As you reach the end of Main Street USA on your way to Cinderella Castle, you'll notice something new at the Magic Kingdom..., that beautiful castle looks the same as ever (although those new turrets are under construction at the moment)...I'm talking about the new HUB GRASS area!

After seeing the waterway filled in and the construction walls up here last year, I was excited to check out the finished result.  It was pretty weird to see such a familar area looking totally different...

What is going on here??

There are new fountains, landscaping, and topiaries, and the character statuettes that used to surround the Partners statue have moved here...

My girl Minnie!

When I first heard about this construction, I assumed they wanted more crowd space for movement around the hub, so I was a little surprised that the hub grass areas are fenced in and obviously not meant to be walked through.  There aren't any benches,'re meant to sit right on the astroturf...

You can see some hub grass in our arrival day mom thought it looked like a golf course.  lol!

At first I was skeptical, but after kicking back in the sunshine with the castle shining across the way, the hub grass started to grow on me.  It's like being on a picnic in the middle of the Magic Kingdom - and though it does feel a little funny to be sitting there with all the crowds rushing by, it is a fun way to have a rest in the middle of a busy park day.

Are you a fan of the hub grass?  Share your thoughts in the comments!


  1. I love that the astroturf "grew" on you! :) Seriously, I dislike the whole thing less now that I've read your post. You make it sound appealing.

    1. haha, I didn't even realize I was being punny!

  2. Love the pic of you and Minnie. You're as cute as Minnie. Also scary smart.

  3. I'm curious - when we were there in June 2014, we watched Wishes from the FP+ area in the Rose Garden. Is that still there? P.S. Love your blue dress! I think we might need as Outfit of the Day for it! P.P.S. Happy 60th birthday Disneyland!