Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Grand Floridian DisneyBound | WDW OOTD

The Grand Floridian is like the Downton Abbey of Walt Disney World - it makes me want to have afternoon tea and dress up in my best Disney style...

We're off to Disney World's flagship resort for a new Disney Outfit of the Day!

Just don't lose your slippers!


The penguins at the Grand Floridian Villas are in black tie - shouldn't you be too? ;)

I'm wearing a green quarter-length sleeve shirt from Polo Ralph Lauren.  I just love these - you can find them on sale at the outlets - they're comfy and casual, but they've got an understated Audrey Hepburn elegance too.

This skirt is another find from the Polo Ralph Lauren outlet - I love the three tiers of fabric and the pattern.  When I saw it on the rack, it reminded me of the Grand Floridian somehow...maybe because the rich colors match the floor tiles?  No...something else...

 ...maybe it was the carpet?

Yep...definitely the carpet!  Isn't it the perfect Grand Floridian DisneyBound??


The glass slippers shoes are Crocs - my go-to Disney shoes!  They have a surprising selection of cute styles, and they're so comfortable...whether you're running around the parks or just perusing the desserts at the Royal Palm Club...


What's your Grand Floridian Disney Style?

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  1. Love the outfit! I haven't stayed at the Grand since 1991 but I would love to go back one day!