Thursday, July 2, 2015

24 Things We Did at Disney 24 Hr Event | Magic Kingdom with the Trolley People

On May 22, 2015, Walt Disney World celebrated the kick-off of its "Coolest Summer Ever" with a 24-Hour Event at the Magic Kingdom...

The park was open from 6 AM to 6 AM, and guests were allowed to show their "Disney Side" and dress up in costume.  My brothers and I came as the Trolley Show people from Main Street USA!

Disney has been throwing these 24-hr parties for the past three years.  The first one in 2012 was "One More Disney Day" to celebrate leap day.  The park opened at 6 AM, and that day the castle was completely shrouded in mist.  In 2015, luckily the skies were clearer first thing in the morning...

I loved wearing my Trolley Girl outfit at the Halloween Party, and I was so excited to break it out again!

There's a new video for 24 Hour Day up on my YouTube Channel as well!

So have you got your spats on?  Are you ready to experience 24 hour day with the trolley people?  Here are 24 things we did at the Magic Kingdom:

1. Walked down Main Street at 6 AM.

It was still dark out, and the sky was just beginning to glimmer with sunrise light!  If you're planning to do 24 hour day, arriving at opening is definitely the way to go - later in the day it gets insanely crowded, and the park has often reached capacity and closed to new arrivals.

In the morning, though, the crowds are low.  We probably could have rushed off and done some rides with very little wait, but there was still time for that.  Instead we hung around Main Street enjoying the pre-dawn glow and also...

2. Took some photos with the trolley.

The trolley was already ferrying guests back and forth from the castle to town square, so of course we rode the trolley as well and then we...

3. Watched the first Trolley Show of the day.

When one of the real trolley people was coming out to start the show, he caught sight of us and got all excited and asked in a concerned voice, "So, do you guys want to perform first or should we?"  They were so cute!

4. Saw the sun rise over Fantasyland.

5. Rode the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (5 min. wait).

6. Took a photo with Cinderella's Coach (10 min. wait).

You don't see the glass coach out in the parks too much (although the gold one from the new Cinderella is out at Hollywood Studios) - this was popular!

7. Rode Peter Pan's Flight (used FP+).

Trolley girl returning from Neverland...the stand-by wait was already about half an hour, so I'm glad we had our Fastpass.

8. Rode it's a small world (walk-on).

The time was 7:45 am at this point...we caught the small world clock chiming!

9. Rode Prince Charming Carousel (walk-on).

10. Looked in Gaston's to see what cupcakes they had.

A cast member told us this was not the special 24-hour cupcake and was just the normal cupcake they have all the time, plus there was a long line.  Next we...

11. Stopped for a quick magic shot with Chip.

12. Rode Adventures of the Little Mermaid (walk-on).

13. Met Ariel in Ariel's Grotto (FP+).

14. Rode Dumbo the Flying Elephant (walk-on).

There were guests in four other elephants, and all the rest of the elephants were empty.  The lines were so short and so wonderful before about 9 am!

15. Rode the Barnstormer (walk-on).

16. Rode Space Mountain (15 min. wait).

17. Admired costumes other guests were wearing.

There were a fair number of fellow guests in costume - not as many as we saw dressed up at the Halloween Party, but plenty enough so that you didn't feel like you were the only one.  It's not every day that all the Disney princesses walk by!

18. Got breakfast at the Friar's Nook


We sampled a breakfast hot dog with sausage, eggs, and cheese and french toast sticks - both pretty disappointing, tasted like something out of the freezer section at Wal-Mart.

While Athos and I were finding a table, a Disney manager rushed up to us saying, "What are you guys doing, you're late for the show!!" :)

19. Met Rapunzel & Cinderella (FP+).


Cinderella and I did a skirt twirl, and, of course, selfies with Punzie are a must.

20. Had our photo taken for the Disney Parks Blog.

There's a warning on the Disney World website that if you dress up, you're not allowed to take photos with guests because you're not obviously not an official Disney character.  That guy in the hat comes up to us outside Sleepy Hollow and asks, "Can I take your picture..." I start thinking about that warning as he finishes: "...for the Disney Parks Blog."  Yes, sir, you can take my picture!

I had friends and blog readers forwarding this to me later that afternoon - very cool! :)

21. Watched the last trolley show of the day.

The real trolley people were so nice!  After the show we got to snap some pics and chatted about spats...

Athos being coached through some dance moves...

22. Stopped in Main Street Bakery for a cupcake to-go.

You knew I wasn't leaving without a cupcake, right?  That Olaf logo said, "Imagine how much cooler I'll be in 24 hours," and the same design was on the 24-hour t-shirts.

23. Mingled with our fellow citizens of Main Street.

We to say hello to our other Main Street friends!  Scooter had us walk butterscotch and licorice, and we stopped to shake hands with the mayor.

He's the boss!

24. Watched the Dapper Dans

We closed out our 24 Hour Day adventures with a serenade from the Dapper Dans!  Just look at all those spiffy spats, guys.

We left around noon, and while we thought about going back over later in the day (or night!), we were staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge that night, and reading about how crowded the park was on social media didn't make me want to leave our relaxing resort!  Still, we fit a lot into those first six hours. :)


  1. 1. Did you buy that skirt?
    2. Did you make that skirt?
    3. Can I have that skirt?

    1. I bought a red square dancing skirt and added white bias tape to make the stripes. Now I want to wear petticoats all the time. ;)

  2. How wonderful! Love the video - it's amazing how much you can get accomplished in those magical empty early morning hours. I hope you'll do a video and post about the Animal Kingdom Lodge!

    1. Thanks Kristina! Those first hours after opening are SO wonderful. :) And there's an AKL video coming up soon!

  3. Wow - does that ever look more fun. It gets dark so soon after the Halloween Party starts that the guest in costumes have a very different vibe then. This looks fantastic! Hope they do it again next year. Love your photos -- you look like a Disney character!

  4. So cute! It must've been so fulfilling to get all that stuff done before noon!