Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Star Wars Weekends | Feel the Force Fireworks Dessert Party Review

Today we're going to be talking fireworks and sweet treats and STAR WARS...

I'm taking you all to a fabulous Star Wars Weekends dessert party!  There are a variety of special dining opportunities and packages on offer during Star Wars Weekends, and one of them is the Feel the Force Premium Package.  This gives you reserved viewing for the motorcade and one of the shows (for a full review of Feel the Force click here!) and the part I was most excited for...


...a Star Wars themed dessert party before the Symphony in the Sky fireworks!  Yes, those are mini jabba cupcakes.  Get excited, guys.

The dessert party area for the premium package is to the left of the stage when you're facing Grauman's Chinese Theatre - it's the same area they used earlier in the day for the motorcade viewing.  You'll probably have already picked up your badge, and you'll need to show it when you enter near Min and Bill's.

Let's check it out!

There's a sea of swanky cocktail tables to stand at, each one with a mini glowing ice cube centerpiece, and some awesome banquet tables full of goodies...

Do you see what - or rather who - is underneath this table?

It's Han Solo in carbonite.  Seriously.

There are coolers of water bottles and pop cans as well as hot drinks like coffee and tea and two brightly-colored non-alcoholic Star Wars beverages: the "Padawan" lemonade with pomegranate monin syrup and the "Ewok" lemonade with green apple monin syrup.


You'll also find an ice cream cart where you can get as many Mickey Premium Bars or ice cream sandwiches as you want (we picked up a few to go on the way out after the fireworks!), and there's also a selection of cocktails for the adults.

You can choose from: "The Force": pomegranate lemonade with bourbon (at the back in the photo), "The Jedi Mind Trick": green apple lemonade with coconut rum (to the right - doesn't it have the best name?), and "The Dark Side": iced coffee with Bailey's and Kaula (my favorite!).

While you're sipping your Star Wars concoction, you're also rocking out to the DJ, who is spinning a mix of popular songs and pieces from the Star Wars soundtrack- there were even audio clips of characters saying classic lines spliced in.  So cool!  It was loud, but it really brought the party. :)

What have you got there, Athos??  Let's look at those desserts, shall we?

This is Blue Milk Panna Cotta with Crispy Pearls.  Like Luke gets in the cantina!

My family loves the Kids Snippets cantina episode, and we kept saying to each other all night: "WE HAVE BLUE MILK."

They have mini versions of all three Star Wars cupcakes available in larger form in the park - the delicious but rather grotesque salted caramel Jabba cupcake, the ahhhhmazing nutella Yoda cupcake (make sure you arrive at the dessert party early - those ran out fast!), and of course, the peanut butter chocolate Darth Vader cupcake...

Forget cookies.  Join the dark side for the cupcakes!

More mini chocolate cakes!

These are Naboo Gungan City Rice Crisp Bon Bons, and they are way too cute.

The Clone Trooper Ration Bars were a favorite with everyone - salted caramel blondie with cream cheese icing.  Yum yum yum.

This is Dex's Diner Roona Lemon Tart with Red Raspberry Glitter.  There was also a Yoda Pistachio Bite Cake with Morella Cherry and a key lime pudding cup.

Everything looked amazing and (just as important) tasted amazing!  It's always such a bummer when desserts have a great presentation but were made with cheap ingredients.  The selections at the dessert party were delish.

One of the event staff, Vanessa, noticed us taking pictures, and the chef, Carlos, was nearby so we got to say hello to him as well!

I was having such a fun time at the dessert party, I almost didn't want the fireworks to start!  Symphony in the Stars begins with a show on stage where the characters come out one by one - there were some cool effects with storm troopers shooting their blasters and lightsabers whirling.  Then it's time for the main event...

This was my first time seeing Hollywood Studios fireworks in person so I was pretty excited!  There's a video coming very soon.

That stirring soundtrack and the glittering explosions - it was fantastic!

One last dessert party detail we noticed as we were leaving - the tabletops had tie fighters and x-wings printed on them (you couldn't really see them when they were covered with desserts!) - and the sides of the tables looked like the Death Star trenches.  Pretty epic.

The dessert party made for a perfect Star Wars night and was in my opinion the best part of the Feel the Force package. :)

For a full review of the premium package, click here.  Check out more Star Wars Weekends tips by clicking on the images below:



  1. Love the creative names they gave the desserts!

  2. This looks epic. Do you mind sharing how much it costs? And were the alcoholic beverages included or extra? I'm hoping to get to a Star Wars weekend at some point and would love to do this dessert party.

    1. The Feel the Force package as a whole was $69 for adults and $39 for children - the alcoholic beverages were included!