Friday, June 12, 2015

Star Wars Weekends | Darth's Mall Shopping

Star Wars Weekends 2015 is wrapping up at Disney's Hollywood Studios this weekend.  I need an x-wing to zip me back to Disney for one more hug from Jedi Mickey.  No?  Nobody has an x-wing I can borrow?

Well, instead I'll share some more photos from our Star Wars Weekends experience. :)

Today we're talking Star Wars merchandise and looking at the special shopping venue at SWW - Darth's Mall!

The Darth's Mall area is located at the end of Streets of America back by the Lights, Motors, Action theater this year.  I liked the theming outside the soundstages where they've set up the mall - there are giant Star Wars trading cards and a crashed snowspeeder along the walkway.

There are two separate spaces that make up Darth's Mall.  Watto's Grotto is the main shopping area with souvenirs, clothing (including the Her Universe collection), and Tusken Fridge Raiders (where you can pick up the three Star Wars cupcakes, drinks, and the Han Solo frozen in carbonite popcorn bucket).  The second space is called X-Wing Collectibles and has all the pricier, limited edition stuff.

There are two separate lines to get into these spaces - the X Wing line was generally quite short, the Watto's Grotto line could get very long.  We left the Celebrity Motorcade a little early and headed to Darth's Mall at 11:30 and found no line at all - we went straight in.  Half an hour later, when we came out, there was an enormous line.  I've read that the wait can be several hours, but the line does vary, so come back later if it looks long.

Let's look in Watto's Grotto first!  This is supposed to be a Tatooine trading station, so there are Jawas and aliens and droids and a giant sandcrawler taking up one wall.  I did love the theming, but the space was so packed with people (even when we didn't have to wait to get in!) it was hard to enjoy it.

Mickey and friends as jedi masters on mugs and magnets!

It was fun to check out the Her Universe collection which I had heard a lot about.


The dresses were $150 and the sweaters were $50.  There was also a lightsaber skirt, t-shirts, and a knit ewok bag.  I love the idea of a Star Wars fashion line, but none of the pieces were quite the right price or the right look for me, so I resisted.

We did pick up our cupcakes at Tusken Fridge Raiders - it was so crowded I couldn't get a photo until we got outside!  There's nowhere to sit and eat, so we got them in to-go boxes.  They do sell the cupcakes at Starring Rolls and other locations throughout the park, and looking back it might have been better to pick them up at another, less-hectic location.


There were lightsabers, trading pins, plush, t-shirts, lightsaber baseball bats, and a very popular build-your-own droid station.  The merchandise was very similar to what you'll find at Tatooine Traders (the gift shop outside Star Tours) or even some of the carts around the park.  While it was cool to browse, I would not say it would be worth waiting hours to get in!

The X-Wing Collectibles area had some much more unique items including beautiful art...but it was also all much more expensive!

Loved these Star Wars cuties though...

It's a Star Wars world after all!

Who knew they had Star Wars Dooney & Bourke bags?  So awesome!

Stormtrooper binders, adorable new ewok plush (I so want that one with the pink hood), and a Yoda Santa coming later this year...

You can see more of the merch in the video - Athos was tempted by the Tauntaun deluxe and giant $400 Wampa figurine, but my favorite souvenirs were the junk we traded with the Jawas. :)

What Star Wars Weekends merch is at the top of your list?

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